How To Make Congestion-Clearing Eucalyptus Shower Steamers and Bath Bombs


Relaxing eucalyptus showers (whereby you tie a bundle of fresh eucalyptus over your shower head) have become popular because they bring a bit of spa-like luxury into your everyday. Simply turn on the hot water and let the eucalyptus clear congestion and give you an energy boost. But if you can’t get your hands on fresh eucalyptus, these eucalyptus bath bombs and shower steamers are the perfect substitute.

Simply place one in the corner of your shower or drop one into a warm bath. As they fizz, they’ll release a hit of cooling eucalyptus essential oil into the air, immersing you in deep relaxation and curing whatever ails you.

How to make eucalyptus shower steamers and bath bombs for congestion reliefHow to make eucalyptus shower steamers and bath bombs for congestion relief

Hear me out: eucalyptus is the OG form of self-care. Do you remember getting slathered in chest rub when you were sick as a kid? While I can’t speak for everyone, chances are it was a common occurrence in your house growing up!

And it turns out, those days spent curled up in bed with a hot drink on my nightstand and the smell of eucalyptus wafting through the room—well, that’s exactly what my self-care looks like now, too. And if you’d like to enjoy self-care without the yucky part of being sick, these eucalyptus recipes are just the thing to make you feel better.