High 30 Engagement Rings for $35000


One of the crucial factors to consider when searching for THE engagement ring is the amount of money you’re willing to spend. If you’ve decided to look for engagement rings for $35,000, you can rest assured you can find a high-quality ring. But, with so many options within that budget, you might feel overwhelmed. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide of our top 30 engagement rings for $35,000 and slightly more. Exquisite diamonds, gemstones, colors, shapes – they’re all here. 

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The Everett Ring

Price: $35,000. Learn more about the Everett Ring. 

This is another excellent representative of the Art Deco era and how exquisite different shapes can look together. A nearly colorless, old European-cut diamond weighing 2.00 carats plays the main role. The baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders complement the center stone and reflect an unusual symmetrical pattern typical of the Art Deco era. 

The Doylestown Ring

Price: $38,000. Learn more about the Doylestown Ring. 

A colorless cushion-cut diamond is the center stone of this ring. An impressive halo featuring 10 round diamonds and six baguette-cut diamonds complement its beauty, creating a unique blend of shapes. The shoulders are adorned with round diamonds and subtle milgrain. 

The Cullum Ring 

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Cullum Ring. 

Let’s travel further back in time with this Edwardian-style ring. It centers around a 2.55-carat old European-cut diamond. The diamond is set in a head made of four bows featuring small diamonds. The two side bows connect the center diamond to the platinum band, thus adding a finishing touch to this ring’s ornate style. 

The Sanremo Ring 

engagement rings for $35000 emerald cut diamond ring

Price: $36,000. Learn more about the Sanremo Ring. 

If the number five carries significance for you and your bride, this ring is an excellent choice. The center stone is an emerald-cut diamond weighing 2.10 carats. The two trapezoid-shaped diamonds on each side complement the center stone and make it look bigger. Our jewelers can recreate this ring, so feel free to contact us about it. 

The Callington Ring 

engagement rings for 35k 12350-Artistic-2

Price: $36,000. Learn more about the Callington Ring. 

The ring’s center stone is a nearly colorless, emerald-cut diamond weighing 2.60 carats. Its octangular shape is emphasized by a halo of round-cut diamonds and a gentle touch of delicate milgrain. A teardrop-shaped diamond and three round diamonds embellish each shoulder of this platinum ring. 

The Boucheron Ring

Price: $20,000. Learn more about the Boucheron Ring. 

This Boucheron-signed elegant ring combines 18k yellow gold and diamonds. In the center, we have a 1.06-carat colorless diamond (E grade), surrounded by a perfectly round halo of small diamonds. Nine diamonds on each shoulder complement the halo and the center stone and cover the visible part of the band. 

The Apulia Ring 

Engagement Rings for $35000

Price: $20,500. Learn more about the Apulia Ring. 

This ring is a great example of the lively emerald-diamond combination. Emerald symbolizes acceptance, love, and wealth and is even believed to have healing powers. The Apulia ring features a stunning calibre-cut emerald halo that surrounds a 2.19-carat cushion-cut diamond. Round diamonds adorn the shoulders of this hand-crafted platinum ring and leave just enough room to admire the intricate under-gallery. 

The Cookham Ring

Price: $20,800. Learn more about the Cookham Ring. 

This flower-shaped ring is ideal for brides that enjoy the artistic and creative style. The center stone of this ring is a 2.07-carat cushion-cut diamond. It’s surrounded by10 old mine-cut diamonds that symbolize petals. Gradually set baguette-cut diamonds to embellish the sides of the ring, adding their own touch to this platinum ring featuring different shapes. 

The English Ring

Price: $21,000. Learn more about the English Ring. 

If you’re looking for a distinctive ring, this English RIng will impress you with its pear-cut side stones. The center revolves around a nearly colorless 2.06-carat old European-cut diamond, and with the two side stones, its beauty is even more noticeable. The beautiful diamonds are set in 18k yellow gold. 

The Colmenar Ring

Price: $21,500. Learn more about the Colmenar Ring. 

This Edwardian-era ring was hand-crafted around 1910, and it’s still breathtaking. The most impressive part of the ring is the number of details. The center stone is a 2.75-carat old mine-cut diamond, emphasized by the two heart-shaped symbols on the shoulders. The whole band and the under-gallery are adorned with distinctive filigree and milgrain, while small diamonds embellish the shoulders. 

The Octagon Halo Ring 

11405 Engagement Ring for $35,000 Price Range

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Octagon Halo Ring. 

Inspired by the Art Deco era, this ring features an octagonal, old European-cut diamond that weighs 2.30 carats. A halo of smaller diamonds surrounds the center stone and follows its shape. The diamonds on the shoulders connect the halo to the tripe wire shank, complementing the ring’s overall style. Fine milgrain adorns the center stone, halo, and shoulders. 

The Cartier Engagement Ring

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Cartier Engagement Ring. 

A Cartier ring can never be a wrong choice. This stunning ring features a colorless, very slightly included 1.14-carat diamond set on a four-pronged head. The small diamonds on the sides cover the upper shank and emphasize the center stone’s beauty and sparkle. 

The Melton Ring 

Odos Ring on a Hand

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Melton Ring. 

If you want a two-tone ring, take a look at this astonishing platinum-18k yellow gold mix. The ring revolves around a 2.37-carat old European-cut diamond, with a baguette-cut diamond on each shoulder. The three diamonds are set in platinum, while the rest of the band is gold. 

The Siena Ring

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Siena Ring. 

A beautiful cushion-cut, 2.48-carat diamond dating from around 1920 is the center stone of this ring. A halo of round-cut diamonds decorated with milgrain surrounds and complements the center diamond. Two baguette-cut diamonds are embedded into the shoulders of this ring and emphasized by the beautiful decorations and engravings. 

The Trun Ring 

12087 Diamond Engagement Ring on Finger Hand

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Trun Ring. 

This ring dates from 1915 – the Edwardian era – and is as impressive as ever. It features an old European-cut diamond weighing around 2.32 carats. The filigree patterns along the under-gallery and the shoulders’ sides make this ring interesting to look at from every angle. Two diamonds are set on each shoulder of this hand-crafted platinum ring. 

The Hampshire Ring

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Hampshire Ring. 

The genuine Art Deco era ring features an old European-cut diamond that weighs 2.44 carats. The under-gallery features impressive diamond-embedded filigree that continues along the shoulders. Hand engravings on the band give this platinum ring a personal and unique touch. 

The Smithfield Ring

Price: $22,000. Learn more about the Smithfield Ring. 

This is another ring dating from the Art Deco era. The center stone, an old European-cut, 2.57-carat diamond, is emphasized by the intricate under-gallery involving scroll motifs, diamonds, and hand-engraved patterns. The effective details contribute to the elegance of this exquisite ring suitable for a bride that will appreciate its unique style. 

The Antique Art Deco Ring

Price: $22,500. Learn more about the Antique Art Deco Ring. 

If your bride likes wider bands, she’ll fall in love with this Art Deco ring crafted in the 1920s. The center stone weighs around two carats and is embellished by the four French-cut diamonds on each shoulder. Hand engravings adorn the whole band, creating dynamic geometrical patterns. 

The Woodside Ring 

Price 25000 for engagement ring

Price: $22,500. Learn more about the Woodside Ring. 

With this ring, all eyes are on the stunning 2.48-carat old European-cut diamond. It looks even more impressive due to the two baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders. This platinum ring features a plain band that ensures all the attention is on the center stone. 

The Brunoy Ring 

Brunoy Emerald Ring on Finger

Price: Contact us. Learn more about the Brunoy Ring. 

The rare, high-quality, deep green Zambian emerald weighing around 4.87 carats will definitely sweep your bride off her feet. It’s surrounded by a halo of round diamonds that creates a wonderful contrast. The two baguette-cut diamonds on the sides and the triple wire shank add to this ring’s vintage, sophisticated style. 

The Sintra Ring 

12892 Engagement Ring for $24,000 Budget

Price: $24,000. Learn more about the Sintra Ring. 

This ring features a perfectly round, 2.57-carat old European-cut diamond as the center stone. Smaller diamonds adorn the under-gallery and the shoulders, which, together with the hand-engraved band, contribute to the uniqueness of this platinum ring. Perfect for brides that like a more traditional style but still enjoy the distinctive details. 

The Nebraska Ring

Price: $24,000. Learn more about the Nebraska Ring. 

This Art Deco ring is yet another excellent example of the emerald-diamond combination. The center stone is a 2.64-carat, old European-cut diamond, which is impressive on its own but looks even more special due to its surroundings. An emerald halo is wrapped around the center stone and surrounded by another halo of smaller diamonds. Fine milgrain and diamonds form a bow shape on each shoulder, leading towards a hand-engraved band. 

The Bollon Ring

Price: $24,000. Learn more about the Bollon Ring. 

The Bollon ring features diamonds, emeralds, and onyx, which aren’t commonly used in engagement rings. This unusual combination makes this Art Deco ring interesting and unique. An old European-cut diamond featuring in the center features a smaller diamond in each corner. Onyx and emeralds on the shoulders create a contrast that again emphasizes the center stone. The under-gallery is no less impressive: it features diamonds and hand-engraved details. 

The Hendon Ring

Hendon Ring on Finger

Price: $25,000. Learn more about the Hendon Ring. 

A 2.60-carat old European-cut diamond dating from around 1925 is the center stone of this ring. The shoulders feature different shapes of smaller diamonds and are decorated with delicate milgrain. Bow motifs adorn the gallery, complementing the gentle, delicate style of this ring. 

The Wachau Ring

Price: $26,000. Learn more about the Wachau Ring. 

The main inspiration for this ring was the Wachau Valley in Austria. It features a variety of diamond shapes that blend into an octagon. The center stone is a 2.51-carat old European-cut diamond crafted around 1920. The diamond is surrounded by a halo of interchanging baguette-cut and old-mine cut round diamonds. Four diamonds on each side connect the halo to the triple wire shank. 

The Harewood Ring

Price: $26,000. Learn more about the Harewood Ring. 

Deep blue sapphires mixed with sparkling white diamonds can never look anything less than impressive. A round, old European-cut diamond weighing around 2.82 carats is the center of attention, with a thin and effective halo of sapphires that surrounds it and enhances its beauty. The shoulders of this platinum ring are adorned with small diamonds. 

The Wharton Ring

Price: $31,500. Learn more about the Wharton Ring. 

This flower-shaped ring with a sapphire as the center stone was inspired by Princess Diana. The natural sapphire originating from Madagascar weighs 5.99 carats. The 12 petals are small, brilliant-cut diamonds that weigh 2.06 carats. Due to its large surface, this ring is suitable for wider fingers. 

The Diamond Gallery Ring

Price: $39,000. Learn more about the Diamond Gallery Ring. 

If your bride enjoys the details, this ring will fascinate her. The center stone is a 3.72-carat old European-cut diamond, surrounded by a halo of round diamonds and adorned with milgrain. The intricate gallery features breathtaking details with diamonds, which are also embedded in the shoulders. 

The Barrow Ring

Price: $39,600. Learn more about the Barrow Ring. 

Last, but not least, this ring is special due to its rare center stone. Namely, the yellow-green diamond weighing 1.15 carats is completely natural and extremely rare, which is why this ring is so unique. The center diamond is set in 18k yellow gold, while the rest of the ring is platinum. A halo of round diamonds surrounds the center stone and emphasizes its color. Four baguette-cut diamonds adorn the ring’s shoulders. 

Even though finding the perfect ring can seem overwhelming, knowing your bride’s preferences and establishing a budget will definitely help you. We hope our selection of top 30 engagement rings for $35000 enabled you to find the right ring or at least narrow down the choices. 

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