Fun Flippy Double Twist Buns


Fun Flippy Double Twist Buns Repost

*Somehow some of my post had been…not deleted but not live either so these are kind of way out of sequence but I wanted to get them back up. I will have one day of retro styles being reposted but if you want to see our newest, go to Sweet Sixteen post…I told you this was retro lol. She is now 16!

This is a pretty easy style and I think it comes out looking very cute! What I did was put some gel through out the hair and then make a single pony for the top part of the hair. Don’t start by the ears though, start closer to about eye level if that makes sense. Secure with an elastic.

Now separate a small section of hair below the ear and make a small pony using a clear elastic and then to a twist braid or regular braid. We did the twist because it looks nice when you twist both sides together. Do this for both sides secure the bottom with a clear elastic.

Now separate the remaining hair into 2 ponies. Do Double Twist Buns as in my other post, leaving the little flippy part at the top. Do all 3 ponies and make sure to secure them with about 2 of those clear elastics so they don’t break.

Pull the side twisted braids up and twist together and secure the ends with a bobby pin, clip,or ribbon or you can even take a small piece of sewing thread and tie around the twist.
Curl the top pony so it falls on each side and curl the other two just under and back brush a little to add a little extra poof, spray good and your done!

Ok I think I am gonna start taking donations for a better camera lol 🙂 I know they are awful and dark but I hope they help.

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