Forum members react to Matthew M. Williams leaving Givenchy as creative director


After a three-year stint at the helm of Givenchy, Matthew M. Williams will leave the iconic French fashion house as creative director. The American designer's retirement will take place on January 1, 2024 and his final collection for Givenchy will be Pre-Fall 2024 (to be unveiled later this month). After leaving Givenchy, the designer will focus on and move on to his own label: 1017 Alyx 9SM. Williams' successor has not yet been determined, which ultimately leaves our forums abuzz with rumors and reactions.

Read reactions from theFashionSpot's unfiltered forum members below:

“We did it guys, he’s finally out!” [perhydrol]

“FINALLY! Who will take over?” [Salvatore]

“My choice is Kim Jones or Sarah Burton.” [Kite]

“Expected and I’m glad. But I don’t have high hopes for the future because who knows what new hell LVMH could bring down to replace Matthew.” [Cocteau Stone]

“It's funny to think that this man spent three years designing clothes just for her to fill Givenchy stores around the world. I would be happy if LVMH relied on a real talent like Haider Ackermann or Martine Rose. Why not Bruno Sialelli?” [Lola701]

“I'm so happy he's out, but for me Givenchy will always be Riccardo [Tisci]'s love. That's why it's so difficult to choose the right designer and honestly I don't think they can afford another flop of this magnitude. There are so many talented designers and I have a feeling we'll end up with another white streetwear guy. It’s a shame, Sarah Burton would do wonders there with couture!” [Olaffo]

“It's about damn time. LVMH is being very generous to him and allowing him to run out his three-year contract.” [THD96]

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