Easy work hairstyle for messy hair


This easy tutorial is a simple solution for when you’re running late to work. This hairstyle tutorial is perfect for messy hair and will work in a range of hair textures.

And if you’ve got fine hair and think it won’t work for you, trust me that two buns can look thicker than one bun in fine hair.

A rant on “professional” hair

So At the start of this video I go off on a bit of a tangent. If you google “professional hairstyles” you get a very specific look and I feel it excludes so many natural hair textures.

Curly hair is professional and you don’t need to straighten your hair for work. As long as your hair is out of the way, it shouldn’t matter what colour or texture your hair is.

So now if you want to skip the rant, you can jump to 3.47 on my video below to get to the style.

But if you have straight hair, please look out for your colleagues if there’s a discriminatory dress code at your workplace.


The double Bun – a comfortable hairstyle to wear all day

Styling tips:

  • For the most comfortable ponytails, hair bungees are the best. Find them here or if you’re in Australia, they’re also here.
  • Fix your baby hairs and flyaways in place with hairspray and a makeup brush. The brush is key to avoid using too much product. Any clean makeup brush will do. I used this hairspray.
  • My fave hairbrush is my Mason Pearson brush but this is a great vegan alternative here. I have a brush guide here too.

Let me know if you try this hairstyle in your hair!

You can use #hairromance on Instagram or tag me @hairromance so I can see your style.

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