Chlöe Bailey Just Wore What I Can Only Describe as a Multi-Jumbo-Braid-Ponytail — See Photo


Chlöe Bailey is almost always seen with super-long hair, but even so, she manages to get so much incredibly chic variety out of that length. Whether she’s switching up colors, textures, or ways to wear it up or down, the singer — and her go-to stylist, Fesa Nu — constantly serves up inspiration with “why didn’t I think of that”-inducing looks. And if you’ve been searching for a new way to wear braids, a ponytail, or both, look no further than Bailey’s latest red carpet style.

Bailey attended the GLAAD Media Awards in Beverly Hills on Thursday, March 14, where she sang her new song, “FYS.” But before that performance, she arrived on the star-studded red carpet wearing a black, leather, floor-length dress that’s split down the back past her butt and held together by corset-like stitching. And reaching her intentionally visible thong are the ends of a truly impressive ponytail.

Blossoming out of beautifully twisted locs are four extra-thick braids, brought together at the base near the top of the head, and tied off at the ends to leave several inches of straight hair.

Chloe Bailey in a splitback leather dress

Getty Images

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