Checking In: Happy Friday and Swivel Chair Update!


My friend, where would I be without you? Probably somewhere buying swivel chairs of regret, ha ha ha!

Connor and I went to World Market last weekend to test a few swivel chairs for our living room.

Side note, I once bought a whole-ass couch online without testing it out first when I was in my 20s. It was the peak of the dot-com age in the late ’90s, when seemingly everything that happened online, including buying a couch. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to purchase a major piece of furniture solely based on how it looked on the Pottery Barn website rather than how my booty felt sitting in it, LOL! That couch was with me for a good chunk of my young adult life, and years later it would get torn up by tabby claws and stained by baby barf. Good times.

Anyway, tangent!

At World Market, I wanted to specifically check out the beige sherpa swivel chair that caught my eye.

Seriously, what a difference seeing something in real life makes! I thought this sherpa chair was going to be the one until I saw the floor model, yikes.

The chair itself was really comfy, but the material left much to be desired. The model that was sitting out on the floor clearly had been out for a while, and what was once a beautiful beige was now a murky gray, and the cute nubs on the sherpa were worn down and flattened.

The upside, though, was that there was another version of the chair in the store in teal, and it looked and felt really good.

The base of the teal chairs felt sturdy and the gliding action was smooth. (Thank you to reader Julie for pointing out that the chairs with the spindle base could be easily knocked over by rambunctious kids because I didn’t even think of that.)

The velvet was also very pretty and looked like the material held up better to high traffic. I’m not sure how they’ll fare with Rosie the Destroyer’s cat claws, but I’ve read that velvet can deter kitties from scratching, so we’ll see.

So far these chairs are the front runner.

While we were there, we also looked at rugs because I’ve been needing to buy a couple for the house.

There was a synthetic version called “Cloudpile” that was pretty and very soft. They’re designed for high traffic areas and homes with kids and pets. The only concern I have is that some reviews mention how the rug can feel slick. I don’t want anyone running across it to slip and fall, hmm.

I was wondering if you had any insight into wool rugs? World Market seems to have quite a few, affordable options and a couple of them get very high ratings. However, some reviews say the wool sheds a lot. I don’t need a high-maintenance rug in my life, but I liked the thickness of the wool rugs I saw at the store, and the beautiful colors.

One last thing before I leave you to head to work! I’m so glad it’s Friday. This week went by quickly, but it felt slow getting there, if that makes sense.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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