Are you questioning why you retain getting wind? Right here is all the things you could know


From gas to gas, trapped wind is certainly a riot of glamorous symptoms. And if you’re dealing with persistent stomach cramps and abdominal pain, it makes sense to find out why this gastrointestinal problem occurs in the first place – and how best to fight it.

In order to accompany us on our way, WH Dr. Anthony Hobson, a clinical scientist at Functional Gut Clinic, asked us to share his expertise. Think of the following as a knowledge bomb: Wind Edition.

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What is a vestibule?

Trapped wind occurs when the gas builds up in your digestive tract when you swallow air or as a by-product of your intestines breaking down food. This can cause:

  • stomach pain
  • Flatulence
  • flatulence
  • gurgling noises from the stomach

Why do I keep getting trapped wind?

First of all, there are three reasons you can keep catching wind, with a myriad of causes. Let’s take them apart.

  • You eat a little too enthusiastically and swallow more air: you will feel that further up in your stomach
  • You have a food intolerance: you will feel it in your lower abdomen
  • Something more serious is happening

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What causes trapped wind?

Eat too fast

“If you eat too quickly, you can end up swallowing a lot of gas and air,” says Dr. Hobson. ‘Then you can start burping a lot.’ This is easy to do. “Just try a few small changes in behavior,” explains Dr. Hobson.

What to do about it:

“Chew your food well before swallowing it and breathe out between bites.” If you always wait until you’re starved before picking up a fork, it’s easy to neglect, so try not to eat your dinner late.

Artificial sweeteners

Noteworthy: Some artificial sweeteners, such as those found in chewing gum and carbonated diet drinks, are difficult to break down your stomach and can also cause gas.

What to do about it:

Try to avoid these for a while and see how you feel.

Food intolerance

When it comes to the possible cause of a food intolerance? “Gas is a by-product of fermentation in your intestines. You have a lot of bacteria in your lower intestines, which is good because they help break down some of your food, ”explains Dr. Hobson.

‘But when that gets too aggressive and too much is broken down or the food is not ingested properly [as can be the case when you eat foods that you’re intolerant to] You get gas production. You can usually feel this just below your belly button on the right side of your body, but it can spread and is likely associated with gas. ‘

What to do about it:

“For example, some people are more likely to have a slight gluten intolerance than a full-fledged allergy. Some have problems with lactose in dairy products or fructose in fruit drinks. ‘ All of this can result in an unhappy belly and subsequent trapped wind.

One thing to avoid? “Be careful with allergy testing at home,” says Dr. Hobson. “You can be very imprecise.” Finding a nutritionist-approved number or contacting your GP is a better option.

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Can trapped wind be serious?

The third cause is something you need to see your doctor about. “If, in addition to trapped wind, you are also struggling with unwanted weight loss, if you lose blood when using the toilet or if you still have pain after using the toilet, then see your doctor.” Advises Dr. Hobson.

What to do about it:

They could send you for blood and stool tests to rule out serious illness. If these are negative, you can be sent to a nutritionist to clarify any food intolerances.

Trapped wind in early pregnancy

“Everything is more sensitive in pregnancy,” says Dr. Hobson. “This is thanks to the additional pressure in the abdomen. There are no major changes in your digestion at this point, but everything is boosted. ‘ The extra progesterone that your body produces during pregnancy also plays a role: It relaxes the intestines, which in turn can lead to further digestive problems.

Why does trapped wind hurt so much?

If excess gas builds up in your digestive system, the pressure can cause pain.

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How long can trapped wind last?

After three months of consistent wind and tried all the usual lifestyle changes, Dr. Hobson to see your GP. (If you spill blood, of course, go there immediately.)

How does trapped wind feel?

If you’ve got caught in wind, you may feel bloated and have cramping or stabbing abdominal pain.

This article was originally published on Women’s Health UK

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