A Kimberly Doyle Gemagotchi is 90’s nostalgia at its gemmy best.


I am so excited to show you the Kimberly Doyle Jewelry Gemagotchi today, my darlings. This clever little charm has taken social media by storm and for good reason – it’s absolutely irresistible.

The Gemagotchi charm by Kimberly Doyle Jewelry is an homage to the 90's Tamagotchi toy.

If you’re close to me in age, you do not need this reference explained – but the Kimberly Doyle Jewelry Gemagotchi charm is an homage to the 1990’s Tamagotchi craze.

Released in the US on May 1, 1997, a Tamagotchi is a small, egg-shaped digital pet that required constant attention to keep it from dying. If you had the pleasure of going to school with young me in the 1990’s, you’ll know that I had three of these little cuties (one was a knockoff called a Giga Pet) and I wore them all on a necklace so that I could attend to their every digital need in a timely manner.

I did also have human friends back then, I swear.

Now the 1990’s are the hottest retro vintage decade and this treasure from my childhood has been immortalized in solid gold by Kimberly Doyle Jewelry. What a world we live in!

The Kimberly Doyle Gemagotchi charm is inspired by the famous 90's Tamagotchi toy! 90's nostalgia jewelry at its finest.

I knew I needed a Gemagotchi from the moment I saw one. However – much like their namesake – the Gemagotchi is such a hot commodity that one cannot simply buy one.

Gemagotchi hunters must instead sign up for Kimberly Doyle Jewelry’s emails and wait for a Gemagotchi drop to be announced.

I was so overwhelmed by choice during the first Gemagotchi drop I attended that I spent 10 minutes dithering and missed my chance to order one at all. But don’t worry, I was ready next time!! I finally scored my Gemagotchi of choice – an emerald baby – and I’m so happy to be wearing it right now as I type this.

The Gemagotchi drop where I scored my little emerald beauty sold out in about 8 minutes, so I highly recommend knowing which size and stone you want to buy in advance.

The Gemagotchi charm by Kimberly Doyle Jewelry is the ultimate in 90's nostalgia - Tamagotchi jewelry!

These little charms are so adorable in person and their delightful packaging sets the mood as soon as you open the box! Brightly colored 90’s-inspired magic at its finest.

My only concern about buying a Gemagotchi was how I would possibly face the pain of tearing up this packaging to get to my new treasure…but no tearing was necessary!! The plastic bubble is actually hinged, and folds down to release the Gemagotchi with no damage to the packaging. (A thousand gold stars to Kim Doyle for thinking of this feature, it’s brilliant.)

See it in action in the unboxing video I just posted on my Instagram.

The Kimberly Doyle Gemagotchi charm in gold with an emerald. Fine jewelry inspired by the 90's Tamagotchi craze!

These cuties are good from a distance, but utterly irresistible in person. They come in two sizes, “baby” and “mama.” I had trouble choosing which I wanted, but ultimately decided that the baby would fit better with my daily charms. (See the two sizes side-by-side here.)

My emerald baby on my hand should give you a sense of scale! It’s itty bitty, but that just makes the details even more adorable. I swoon for those tiny bezeled diamond buttons and that teeeeny loop of gold ball chain that looks just like the OG Tamagotchi chain.*

*Please note: the Gemagotchi packaging cautions against using the decorative ball chain to hang your charm, because it’s too delicate to offer structural support.

The Kimberly Doyle Gemagotchi charm comes with the most adorable custom packaging.

I saw a quote once that said “Adulthood means that the Tamagotchi you’re keeping alive is you.” It really does feel like that some days, doesn’t it? Drink water, take your pills, decide what you’re going to eat for dinner again and again and again and again…it’s a perfect metaphor.

My daily grind is much improved by having this lil bb cutie to keep me company. Did anyone else have a Tamagotchi (or Giga Pet) back in the old days? Do you love this new tribute to the OG toy as much as I do??

See more from Kimberly Doyle Jewelry on her website or follow her Instagram to stay up to date on the latest Gemagotchi drops – or to check out the fantastic Gemagotchi contest she’s running right now!

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