8 Delicously Distinctive Emerald Rings + Pro-Tips For Picking Your Perfect Emerald



Carat is really up to you and your budget, but generally emeralds will look larger than diamonds of the same carat weight (they are less dense). Because large emeralds are so difficult to find, the price increases exponentially as you go over one carat.


What does an emerald ring symbolize?

Emerald is the stone of the heart chakra – it helps us open our hearts to give and receive unconditional love, both romantically and platonically.In ancient Greece, emerald was the stone of Venus, the goddess of love and hope. In Egypt, it was considered the stone of eternal life. 

Is it ok to wear an emerald ring every day?

Definitely, though you want to take extra care of your ring since it’s not invincible. Take it off for any potentially damaging activities like weight liftings, sports, cleaning, etc to keep it looking its lustrous best.

Is emerald ok for an engagement ring?

Yes! With a hardness of 7.5 to 8, emeralds are durable enough to wear as an engagement ring. The only caveat: they are not indestructible and are significantly softer than diamonds or sapphires, so if you’re accident prone or especially active, you may want to steer clear. Remove your emerald engagement ring ring for any strenuous activates and have it set in an extra-protective setting like a halo or bezel if you’re concerned.

Are emeralds more expensive than diamonds?

Because emeralds are 20x rarer than diamonds and it takes more rough stone to cut a finished stone, they are usually more expensive. About 80 to 95% of a rough stone is discarded to create a finished emerald gemstone.

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