5 Lazy scrunchie hairstyles that are also cute


These lazy scrunchie hairstyles will solve any bad hair day.

They’re simple, easy and fast – all my favourite things in hairstyles!

So when you’re feeling lazy, or have no time, these hairstyles will still make you feel cute.

They’re perfect in day 2 hair, or day 3,4,5… you know exactly what I mean. No need to wash and style your hair, just grab a scrunchie and go.

Let’s get into the video tutorial:

5 Lazy scrunchie hairstyles that are also cute


Click here if you can’t see the video above

My scrunchies

I was around when scrunchies were first popular and I wasn’t sure if I could go back there again… but I did haha!

When my sister was a hairdresser, I would help her make scrunchies to sell at the salon. She has a huge basket full of scrunchies at the front counter and they were so popular.

In the evenings, she would sew them and I would turn the elastic through with my little kid fingers. I guess you could say it was my first job. My sister would give me a cut of sales at the end of the week.

I no longer have a sewing machine or the patience to turn the elastic through so I bought these scrunchies from Scrunchiko which is a women-owned and run Aussie company. They also kindly sent me a couple of extra scrunchies.

The velvet watercolours are really pretty – the Rosie and Daisy.

I also have their NAIDOC collection which was limited edition but check out their new collaboration with Yarli Creative.

Styling Tips


I love seeing when you try my hairstyles in your hair – it makes my day!

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You can also ask me any hair questions in the comments too.

Have fun with your hair!

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