3 editors test the TikTok-famous HalaraMagic jeans


“I had heard about the wonders of Halara's 'magic denim' and form-fitting trouser styles, but had always been skeptical about how comfortable and flattering they actually were. As a 5'7″ woman with a curvier figure, choosing pants when shopping hasn't always been the easiest task for me – especially when I shop online.

I can honestly say that these HalaraMagic High Waisted Button Pockets Washed Stretchy Knit Casual Wide Leg Jeans ($45, originally $55) exceeded all of my expectations and then some. The pants are extremely comfortable and have a lightweight design made primarily from the brand's signature HalaraMagic material. These casual pants are easy to put on without an adjustable button closure at the top, which is a feat in itself considering I can't even remember the last time I didn't have to squeeze into a pair of jeans.

Despite their denim-like design, the pants fit more like wide-leg leggings – thanks to the added stretch at the waist and the breathable material. I love everything about them, right down to the colorway (I chose the dark blue denim shade) and also appreciate that their mid-calf length makes them a style I can wear all year round, regardless of the temperatures. This may be my first style of Halara, but rest assured, it won't be my last.” – Kyley Warren, Associate Editor, Commerce

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