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guide to bezel settings

What Is A Bezel Setting?

A bezel setting uses a thin band of precious metal to surround and hold a diamond or gemstone in place. The setting wraps around the girdle of the stone and overlaps the top edges to protect the gem and hold it securely in place.

Bezel Settings vs. Prong Settings

Rather than a continuous band of gold holding the stone in place, prong settings hold a gem is place with small precious metal tips – these can vary from button prongs, claw prongs, v prongs, block prongs, and more. Learn more about every kind of prong setting in our blog!

How to choose between bezel settings and prong settings?It depends on your personal preference, your lifestyle, and the type and cut of gem you choose. Because prong settings only cover small sections of a gem, they’re less secure and protective than bezel settings. So, if you’re working with a less durable colored gemstone, a stone with sharply pointed corners, or you lead an extra active lifestyle, you might want to opt for a bezel setting or half-bezel setting.

On the other hand, prong settings allow more light to enter the stone, creating maximum sparkle. So, if you want your stone to shine its absolute brightest, you may want to choose a prong set diamond over bezel set diamonds.

If you’re looking to hide inclusions or blemishes in a stone, a bezel setting is your friend. It can easily disguise imperfections in certain areas of a stone.

In terms of cost, bezel settings are usually slightly more expensive as they use more gold than prong settings.

Bezel setting vs half bezel setting

Whereas a traditional bezel setting surrounds the whole girdle of the stone, a half-bezel or semi-bezel setting only surrounds certain sections of a stone. This creates a secure setting that allows more light to pass through for extra sparkle.

Bezel plus prongs

If you’re looking to combine visual interest with an extra-secure setting, you can add prongs to a bezel setting for a customized vibe that suits your aesthetic. Scroll up for a few examples of this combo in a design.

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