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MIGM | Gem Gossip 2024

MIGM | Gem Gossip 2024

May is Gold Month is back and wow this year is extra special because I’m celebrating 10 years of partnership with them! I cannot believe I’ve been sharing my take on gold trends and featuring some incredible talent of those who make and create using gold every May for the past 10 years.  There are so many pieces that have become popular throughout the last 10 years in jewelry, from styles of the past resurrected in a modern way, to more is more, and this year we are focusing on setting those trends aside for a moment, and looking at your jewelry, your way!

I think it is important, now more than ever, to take inspiration from YOURSELF and not look at what other people are wearing on Instagram and TikTok. I continually see certain pieces duplicated upon collection, after collection and before you know it everyone is essentially wearing the same things. Our collections aren’t becoming reflections of ourselves anymore, and that’s essentially what makes a collection truly special. So with this in mind, I urge you to buy things that catch your eye, by following your own intuition and creating your own trends.

I’m excited to talk about all things gold every week and get everyone to participate in showing me their gold like years in the past, focusing on what you’re wearing in real time. I also would love to help you with this year’s theme of “your jewelry, your way” by sharing how to buy karat gold pieces that you love – not because you’ve seen others buying them. Hopefully I can give you some pointers on how to do this each week!

Ok lastly, here are this year’s gold jewelry trends from May is Gold Month and ways I’ve styled each one. Let this help you plan your posts over on Instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ShowMeYourGold when sharing.

MIGM | Gem Gossip 2024

Week One: Gold Bracelets

Just when I think my left wrist can’t fit anymore bangles, I go and add another one and for a minute think to myself, “ah, I think my wrist is now complete.” I truly think you can’t have enough! Karat gold bangles are interesting because I’ve noticed the coloring of them, especially the 18k ones and higher, are dramatically more yellow than the 14k or 10k ones. My tips for creating a bracelet stack is to find pieces that represent YOU! Keep in mind textures, what karat gold they are, sizing (I like to keep mine all the same size) and the vertical widths (sometimes super tall is hard to wear in an everyday stack). Make it yours by adding meaningful birthstones, pieces that represent milestones, sweet engravings and don’t be afraid to try unique styles. I’ve added and subtracted to my stack multiple times throughout its evolution – when I started out, I thought I wanted a certain look that I saw in an Instagram photo but learned that it is not reflective of my style!  As soon as I started adding bangles that were more “me” I loved my stack more and learned what I wanted to do next.

MIGM | Gem Gossip 2024

Week Two: Gold Rings

Karat gold rings have become my everyday essentials and sometimes there’s nothing better than a ring with no gemstones. To add dimension to this idea of an all-gold ring, things like texture, a special finish, engraved patterns and patina come into play. In the rings I’m wearing here for example, the snake ring has an engraved “scale” pattern to mimic a snake’s scales which give the piece so much character. The polished rings that I’m wearing have years of patina built-up that give it a well-loved look that I think is pretty. I also love when karat gold is diamond cut, which gives it a sparkle without gems (the ankh ring I’m wearing is diamond cut). Lastly, I love anything that incorporates twisted cable gold – like this tiny thin band I’m wearing here. It is subtle but adds some texture to any stack. You can take these tips and apply it to other jewelry categories, not just rings!  Find what you love – maybe it is a special satin finish that reminds you of growing up in the 80s or a star pattern that shows your love for all things celestial.

MIGM | Gem Gossip 2024

Week Three: Gold Hoops

Since working on these jewelry trends over the past 10 years with May Is Gold Month, I think the one that hasn’t changed a bit is this category of hoops! There’s not a single hoop that hasn’t gone out of style, in my opinion. A plain tube hoop was popular 40 years ago as it was yesterday and we’ve only added more fun styles over the years. I personally have been wearing more hoops with posts rather than snap-bar closures and these in my first piercing are my new favorites! I think I might add them to my website and offer them as a regular in the lineup. What do you think?

MIGM | Gem Gossip 2024

Week Four: Gold Necklaces

A gold necklace trend that I’m seeing more of this year and one that you can easily make your own is a karat gold charm necklace! This trend flooded my TikTok page over the past several months, but mostly were featuring costume jewelry chains with trinkets made of various base metals and even plastic or glass charms. The karat gold version of this definitely takes it up several notches and upgrades it into a true investment piece. It is like wearing your Roth IRA on your neck. Now that gold prices are skyrocketing, having a full charm necklace can be extremely pricey. My biggest tip is to create one slowly! My key charm necklace was made by collecting key charms over the past 15 years and then waiting for the right chain to use, as well as finding the right jeweler to do it! If you want to create one for yourself, rememberer it won’t happen overnight, but that is the fun part – collecting these pieces overtime and creating memories while doing so!

MIGM | Gem Gossip 2024

Week Five: Gold Earrings

If you follow me on Instagram you know I can’t stop talking about chain earrings! For me, they are my current favorite trend as I love how they elongate and accentuate the face. They add a bit of subtle sex appeal as well. These that I am wearing here are all from shopGemGossip.com and I specifically curated them to add to my website because of how fun they are!  The first pair has a chain attached to the butterfly backs, so you can have a chain hanging from both the front and the back. You can even use a plain butterfly back if you want just a one-chain look! Two looks in one!

MIGM | Gem Gossip 2024

Week Six: Men’s Gold

This was the first year since working with May Is Gold Month that my husband actually didn’t buy anything new for his karat gold collection. He has mostly been selling pieces since gold is at an all-time high and learning different ways to wear his favorites. He recently sold these two Egyptian-inspired karat gold pendants as well as a few rings. He said he is currently looking for another longer chain and hopes to find one in 10k yellow gold to keep the cost down – but he knows it will be an investment piece so it depends if he really likes whatever he finds! I think that is a great thing to keep in mind when shopping for

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