Saturday Surfing, January 6, 2024!


Hey, hey Caturday!

Why yes, that’s the makeup-free look I’ve been rockin’ and loving for the last three weeks or so. It feels a little weird saying that seeing how I wrote about and tested makeup for years (and how at one point in my life I wouldn’t even consider leaving the house without filling in my brows or putting on a little concealer), but I gotta say, I’ve really been enjoying taking a beauty break over the holidays. Sometimes it’s nice to just let your hair do whatever it wants and wear some sunscreen and not worry about it.

Although, I’m kinda wishing that I channeled a little bit more of my energy into building a work-friendly makeup bag now that Monday’s just around the corner. I think that perhaps after I get the work wardrobe bit sorted out (thank you for all your help with the pants situation, by the way), then I’ll tackle a streamlined makeup bag for work.

I’ve got my eye on some stuff by Westman Altelier. I really, really want the cream blush and the eyeshadows. And the eyeliner. And the mascara. LOL! You know how it goes. Makeup dreams.

Anywho, I’m going to get back to doing a whole lotta nothing today, as I’m maxing out relaxing before the first day on the job. 🙂

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What are you doing today? I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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