Megan Fox’s Shortest Manicure Ever Is Also Her Most Charming (Literally) — See Photos


Megan Fox‘s commitment to nail art is truly admirable. Even facing a tsunami of subdued manicures among her fellow famous people, the actor and author won’t be swayed from her love for anything but boring nail looks. In 2023, she and her nail artist cranked out showy set after showy set, with a studded red French manicure, a matte black astrology-inspired look, an alien-like metallic creation, and more. So will 2024 be any different? From the looks of her latest manicure, the answer is a hard maybe.

We rarely see Fox without decidedly long nails. Aside from looking extra-glam, it gives her go-to nail artist Brittney Boyce all the more room to work her creative magic. And while her chosen colors range from pretty pastels to intense, dark hues, a natural-looking finish is seemingly never on the menu. But Fox and Boyce decided to take her nails in a new direction over the weekend.

Boyce shared a close-up of her latest Megan Fox manicure masterpiece, which revealed something we never thought we’d see: relatively short nails coated in what appears to be simply a clear or very sheer pink-beige polish.

“This is the shortest set of nails that we’ve ever done, and I’m totally obsessed,” Boyce tells Allure. “We have been doing extremely long nails for years now so we wanted to change it up.”

But some things never change, and that’s Fox’s love for three-dimensional nail accessories. Although the nails themselves are super-subtle, they’re given a playful boost by iridescent bubble heart charms. The Daily Charme 30-pack that Boyce used is just $5, making them a super-easy and affordable way to take unadorned nails up a notch.

Megan Fox's tattooed hands with a bubble heart manicure

Brittney Boyce

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