Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm in Cherry Kiss- A Sweet Fusion of Hydration & Color


Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Kiss has become a beloved choice for lip care enthusiasts, offering a delightful blend of intense hydration and a hint of cherry-colored radiance. I have always been a fan of Maybelline Baby Lips and Lakme Lip Love and my friend urged me to try Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm in Cherry Kiss once. It’s her favorite shade and she just can’t stop raving about it. Here is my review on Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm in Cherry Kiss!

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The packaging of Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Kiss is both charming and practical. Housed in a compact, vibrant tube, the cherry-themed design adds a playful touch. The twist-up mechanism ensures convenient application, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go beauty routines. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm comes in a sealed plastic blister type pack to ensure that it has not been used or opened. 

The distinctive feature of Cherry Kiss lies in its delightful cherry fragrance. The scent is both sweet and refreshing, adding a sensory element to the lip care experience. It’s not overpowering but rather a subtle reminder of the cherry theme. 

Cherry Kiss introduces a sheer, natural-looking tint to the lips, offering a touch of cherry without the boldness of a traditional lipstick. The color payoff is perfect for those seeking a subtle enhancement to their natural lip shade, making it suitable for various occasions. I have pigmented lips and I find it little light on my lips but still the pink tinge looks really refreshing on my lips and brightens up my face!

The texture of the lip balm is solid and smooth. It glides smoothly on lips without leaving greasy, heavy or waxy feeling behind. It gets absorbed instantly and makes my lips soft, smooth and nourished. It gives a beautiful color to my lips with absolutely no shimmers that I totally adore. I love using it when I really do not want to do makeup. It instantly brightens up my face and makes me look fresh. If you are fond of tinted lip balms then you will surely like it. It lasts on my lips for a good 3-4 hours with eating and drinking but the color fades away with eating. It doesn’t taste weird unlike few lip balms. My lips tend to get dry when the weather changes and it really helps in keeping my lips soft and nourished due to the presence of coconut oil and vitamin E. I also love using it as a base for lipsticks with dry texture. The formula keeps lips moisturized, preventing dryness and chapping. While the color may not last as long as a dedicated lip color product, the moisturizing benefits persist, and reapplication is a breeze. The lip balms also have SPF 11 that will keep your lips from harsh sun rays.


•    Soft and smooth formula.

•    Glides easily across the lips.

•    Moisturizes the lips well.

•    Provides a beautiful color to the lips.

•    No weird taste.

•    Lovely fragrance.

•    Reasonably priced.

•    Treats dry and chapped lips.

•    the shades is perfect for Indian skin tones.

•    SPF 11.


•    The color vanishes as soon as you eat something but then they are lip balms :).

Overall Thoughts:

Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Kiss stands out as a delightful fusion of hydration and color. With its user-friendly packaging, smooth application, and the sweet scent of cherries, it adds a touch of joy to everyday lip care. Whether you’re a fan of subtle tints or in need of a reliable moisturizing lip balm, Cherry Kiss is a worthy addition to your beauty arsenal, promising soft, supple lips with a hint of playful color.

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Stay Pretty & Loads of love!


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