Kelly Osbourne’s Son, Sidney, Steals the Show in New Appearance & Fans React to His Behavior


Kelly Osbourne’s son, Sidney, made a special appearance on their family’s podcast, “The Osbournes,” and had social media users swooning over his cuteness.

Kelly and Jack Osbourne recently posted a glimpse of their family’s recent podcast episode. The short clip featured Kelly’s toddler, Sidney, who has yet to learn how to speak.

Despite only having a few seconds of fame, Sidney has already stolen many Instagram users’ hearts by simply making sounds, crying, and wanting to press the red button.

“Sidney is rocking the Osbourne genes for sure,” one person said. A second social media user pointed out that Sidney was “the star of the show” with all his adorable movements. “Sid stole the show,” another agreed. “What a little Ham so stinking adorable.”

One person suggested that Sidney, young as he is, be part of the podcast moving forward. “I’m already your fan,” another added.

Kelly gave birth to her son in the latter part of 2022, as first confirmed by Sharon on “The Talk.” Although Kelly and her partner, Sid Wilson, didn’t publicize her son’s birth as much, she did give insights about motherhood in an interview months later.

According to Kelly, motherhood is the best experience she has had despite being scared of making mistakes. “It’s all these little tiny things and these mistakes that you ultimately make because you can’t learn unless you make a mistake. It’s just unfortunate that you have to do it with a baby,” she said.

Fortunately, she receives guidance from her parents, whose best advice is to be selfless, highlighting that her life is no longer just about her. Still, as a mom, Kelly takes care of herself and makes time for herself. Sharon told her daughter the importance of having time alone for her well-being.

Previously, Kelly Osbourne was called out for losing too much baby weight. Fans and social media users expressed concern over her post-partum weight loss, claiming she no longer looked like the Kelly they knew. Admittedly, the television personality has gone through further measures to lose weight in the past, including a gastric sleeve operation in 2020, which helped her drop 85 pounds.

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