Jennifer Lopez's curly-haired daughter Emme spotted rocking casual wear during her recent sighting with her mother


Jennifer Lopez's teenage daughter Emme was spotted in simple casual attire during her Christmas concert. Fans couldn't get enough of the beautiful young woman, who looked healthy and happy when she was last seen.

It's the holiday season and the concerts are in full swing! Jennifer Lopez was among a sea of ​​proud mothers and fathers who watched their children perform in a Christmas musical.

Lopez supported her 15-year-old daughter throughout her performance. She gave her beautiful teenager a bouquet of flowers after the show and stayed there after the concert.

After the show, Emme wore casual brown pants and a white sweatshirt. Her curly locks were tied into a messy bob, and the strands of her bangs were dyed purple.

Fans couldn't get enough of the mother-daughter duo. Among other things, they were pleased that Emme was dressed appropriately for her age.

“It's nice to see a celebrity's daughter dressed appropriately and not like a 25-year-old. She looks happy and healthy,” one fan commented. “Finally dressed appropriately. The good thing about all this mess is that Emme finally has her mother in the audience too,” said another.

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