Hits and Misses: Magazine Covers of December 2023


Festive glamour has seemingly remained off the agenda of just about every fashion publication this month. British ELLE opted to boycott any sense of celebration and festivity, having done a 90s fashion revival with Rosemary Ferguson as their cover star while Vogue Japan served up models Abény Nhial and Mary Ukech sporting complementing corded Miu Miu looks on a cover which evoked a vibe of the early 00s. Glamour (without the festive) arrived in the form of Nicki Minaj‘s long-awaited debut as an American Vogue cover star, in addition to Emilia Clarke decked out in sequined Giorgio Armani on the cover of British Harper’s Bazaar.

Scroll further to see which December 2023 covers made the cut (and which didn’t) according to theFashionSpot’s unfiltered forum members:

MISS | US Harper’s Bazaar with Lana Del Rey by Collier Schorr:

“If I were a photographer, I would be embarrassed to hand in such work!” [Royal-Galliano]

US Harper's Bazaar December 2023/January 2024 : Lana Del Rey by Collier Schorr

MISS | UK ELLE with Rosemary Ferguson by Liz Collins:

“What an unflattering cover image! Goodness grief, cannot believe the magazine thought this was a good idea, even more so to be worthy of sitting on newsstands for a whole two months (and over the festive holiday season). Dumbfounded, to be honest.” [vogue28]

UK Elle December 2023/January 2024 : Rosemary Ferguson by Liz Collins

HIT | US Vogue with Nicki Minaj by Norman Jean Roy:

“Oh my god! What a cover, what a moment. Stunning! I can forgive and forget a year’s worth of awful covers thanks to this beauty. A timeless, classic American cover.” [aracic]

US Vogue December 2023 : Nicki Minaj by Norman Jean Roy

HIT | D la Repubblica with Mila van Eeten by Nicola Delorme:

“This magazine puts Vogue Italia to shame every single time.” [WAVES]

d la Repubblica December 2nd, 2023 : Mila van Eeten by Nicola Delorme

HIT | ELLE China with Kate Moss & Charlotte Tilbury by Matt Easton:

“Beautiful, even if it’s retouched.” [Ihhbl]

Elle China December 2023 : Kate Moss & Charlotte Tilbury by Matt Easton

HIT | Vogue Mexico with Paloma Elsesser by Camila Falquez:

“Love the first cover in the sheer black dress. I think Paloma looks Divine.” [MModa]

Vogue Mexico & Latin America December 2023 : Paloma Elsesser by Camila Falquez

HIT | US ELLE with Jennifer Lopez by Sølve Sundsbø:

“Phwoar, that Jennifer Lopez cover is absolutely EVERYTHING, I am in love. The gold, the glamour, the sultriness, the warmth, the festiveness, the minimalism, the slight nod to Herb Ritts…” [vogue28]


HIT | Harper’s Bazaar Spain with Indya Moore by Juan Kr:

“I am captivated by Indya’s cover! Very 80s Bazaar with the close up and background. Stunning!” [MON]


HIT | Vogue Australia with Emily Ratajkowski by Lachlan Bailey:

“Spectacular!” [jal718]

Vogue Australia December 2023 : Emily Ratajkowski by Lachlan Bailey

MISS | Vogue Japan with Abény Nhial & Mary Ukech by Hugo Comte:

“It’s an awful amateur cover for me. I hate it with a passion: the wigs, the styling, the lighting – everything feels sooooooo cheap.” [Bertrando3]

Vogue Japan December 2023 : Abény Nhial & Mary Ukech by Hugo Comte

HIT | Vanity Fair with Greta Gerwig by Norman Jean Roy:

“It is a lovely side portrait. The color palette reflects the winter months.” [MModa]

Vanity Fair December 2023/January 2024 : Greta Gerwig by Norman Jean Roy

HIT | Vogue Greece with Anna Cleveland by Richard Phibbs:

“These covers belong to the best of the year!” [Petrus]

Vogue Greece December 2023 : Anna Cleveland by Richard Phibbs

HIT | Harper’s Bazaar Italia with Apolline Rocco Fohrer by Nick Knight:

“There was everything that could go wrong, but somehow I like it…” [DK92]

Harper’s Bazaar Italia December 2023 : Apolline Rocco Fohrer & Avanti Nagrath by Nick Knight

MISS | Vogue France with Ida Heiner by Théo de Gueltzl:

“A magazine that once had Dalí, Fellini, Hitchcock, Chagall, Miró, Hockney and Kurosawa as guest editors of their end-of-year issue is now giving us fashion cosplay in a corridor of an arts center.” [tigerrouge]

Vogue France December 2023/January 2024 : Ida Heiner by Theo de Gueltzl

HIT | Harper’s Bazaar France with Loli Bahia by Juergen Teller:

“I actually love Loli Bahia’s cover. Juergen is at his best when the subject/model/clothes are more glamorous, hence why I always love his Saint Laurent campaigns.” [Overindulgence]

Harper’s Bazaar France December 2023/January 2024 : Loli Bahia & Charlotte Gainsbourg by Juergen Teller

MISS | UK Vogue by Tim Walker:

“I remember when Tim Walker used to create dazzling editorials with gorgeous clothes. What happened?” [gallianostan]

UK Vogue December 2023 by Tim Walker

MISS | UK Harper’s Bazaar with Emilia Clarke by Betina du Toit:

“They’ve made Emilia Clarke look SO Old.” [Kite]

UK Harper’s Bazaar December 2023/January 2024 : The Awards Issue

MISS | Vogue Italia with Liya Kebede by Campbell Addy:

“Can you imagine deciding THAT is the best wig for Liya?” [blueorchid]

Vogue Italia December 2023 : Liya Kebede by Campbell Addy

MISS | Vogue China with Sherry Shi, Mengyao Wang, Huijia Chen & Hejia Liby Felix Cooper:

“This is their worst cover this year for sure!” [crmsn]

Vogue China December 2023 by Felix Cooper

HIT | Numéro Netherlands with Jessica Stam by Lea Winkler:

“I love it, specially the dark festive vibe.” [kokobombon]


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