Full Moon in Scorpio, June 2022


Full Moon in Scorpio, June 2022

Tonight the Moon waxes into fullness into sidereal Scorpio, coming fully opposite the Taurus Sun, both at 29 degrees 16 minutes, one of the three gandanta points in the zodiac. The Moon receives an aspect from both Jupiter and Saturn, while Sun joins Mercury. Saturn is currently in retrograde motion and will soon head back into Capricorn for several more months before finishing its final transit there. We also approach the solstice on June 21st, the brightest day of the year.

Full Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign where the Moon is considered debilitated, because the fickle and sensitive mind feels a lot of intensity in the watery sign ruled by warrior Mars. At the same time, a full Moon is always a strong Moon, so this is an opportunity to raise our courage when confronting that difficulty. Scorpio is a sign of change, being the natural eighth sign, and under this full Moon we can strive to embrace change and find some freedom amidst the Sun’s cycle of Taurus, which compels us towards a more grounded, fixed and secure existence.

Gandanta Point

Being in this particular last degree of Scorpio, however, the Moon finds itself in the gandanta degree which is somewhat of a cosmic and karmic “knot.” We pay feel particularly locked into something that is challenging us, even though we know that we must push through to allow the change. Under this full Moon, search for your inner warrior, strength, and courage, and call upon your guides to help you in evolving into the next phase of your life.

Jyestha Nakshatra

The full Moon lies in Jyestha nakshatra, the Vedic sign known as the “eldest.” This star asks us to be responsible, like its deity Indra who is the chief of the gods. Where in your life are you responsible for others, perhaps those with lesser abilities or privilege? Generosity and charity are encouraged by this star at the end of Scorpio who is the last before we enter the charitable and righteous sign of Sagittarius.

Aspects of Jupiter and Saturn

Both Jupiter and Saturn aspect this Moon. Jupiter is sva in his own sign of Pisces at the moment, and his aspect of the Moon brightens our optimism and idealism, bringing our principles and beliefs into the fold as we strive to allow some inner transformation. Saturn, in turn, adds more energy of responsibility, and gives us an awareness of the future consequences of our action. Together the two can add a discerning influence on the decisions that we make at this time.

Retrograde Saturn

Saturn has been in retrograde motion since June 4th, and now appears to be making his way backwards through Aquarius before he heads back into Capricorn again on July 12th. He rules both Aquarius and Capricorn, so he maintains strength through this time, and will be getting brighter and brighter each night over the next month. The powerful Saturn of this time continues to put pressure on society at large, adding a crushing weight of the awareness of consequences, as we consider what type of structures need to be in place for us to advance into the next era.


The summer solstice is the peak of what we might call the Sun’s waxing cycle, as it is the day with the most daylight and the fewest dark hours, in the northern hemisphere. This is the most outward time of year for most people, when we are literally outside, and filling our schedules with social interactions, barbecues, and activity. It is a time to celebrate life! If you’re more of a natural introvert, this time of year can become exhausting, so be sure to pace yourself. It is a beautiful time to commune with nature and experience the fullness of what the light and life cycle has to offer.

Sadhana suggestions for tuning in with the Scorpio full Moon:

  • Fast or meditate this Tuesday (the actual day of the full Moon, and the day ruled by Mars, Scorpio’s ruler)
  • Make an altar that includes water and fire elements, connecting with your emotions and warrior
  • Spend some time outside checking out ground insects, watching how they move and work
  • Utilize red crystals on your altar or for japa (mantra chanting)
  • Chant a Moon or Mars mantra, or both


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