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Round.  Square. Vented.  How do you pick the perfect brush?  And should you have more than one? Turns out a hair brush is like a make-up brush.  You need more than one.  You wouldn’t use the same brush for eye make-up and blush, and you can’t count on one hair brush to create volume or straighten your hair.  Here are some basic usages for brushes we love from ARROJO, all available at Fresh Salon:




Round Paddle Brush:  A mixture of nylon and boar bristles make this a great brush to straighten and smooth hair.  If you’re looking to kill the frizz, try the ARROJO Round Paddle.




Medium Round Brush:  Perfect to add volume, this brush is great for for mid-length hair.  Wrap hair around the brush and you’ll create soft curls without using a heated styling tool.




Detangling Brush: No one wants to pull and damage wet, tangled hair.  This brush has nylon bristles and and will help you smooth your hair easily.  Go from the shower to the mirror and brush with ease using the Wet detangling brush.


Finding the Perfect Brush

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