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You’re probably familiar with red light therapy for skin care, after all, LED masks have been all the rage. In fact, I raved about the Currentbody LED mask just last year, so when I found out they had released a red light therapy device targeting thinning hair (hello) and pattern hair loss, I knew I had to try it.

After testing out what my husband refers to as my stormtrooper helmet for 16+ weeks, here are my thoughts.


What is it
The CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth uses the power of red LED light therapy to fast-track hair regrowth and rejuvenation for both men and women. Designed for slow-progressing hair loss, this rechargeable FDA-Cleared device offers 66% more hair growth than using supplements, topicals or laser devices alone.

Available for
$859 on CurrentBody. Get 20% off with code GEEKY.

120 bulbs of 640 nm red light

30 mW/cm2

18 J/cm2

Size & Fit
It comes in two sizes. The S/M measures 205mm x 249mm x 220mm and will fit head circumference measurements between 54cm – 58.7cm. The M/L measures 223mm x 295mm x 240mm and will fit head measurements between 59.7cm – 63.5cm.

Treatment time
10 minutes a day, everyday, for 16 weeks to see noticeable growth. Since it doesn’t need to be plugged in, you’re able to move around go about your daily activities, except lying down.

Pain level & Down time
Absolutely none

Charge hold
When the device is fully charged I get around 10 uses.

Extra features
Comes with built in Bluetooth headphones that you can pair with your phone to listen to music.

Device Demo

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Red Light Therapy for thinning hair and hair loss

Also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy or Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), it’s emerging as the new treatment alternative to existing drugs minoxidil (commonly known as Rogaine and applied topically) and finasteride (aka Proscar, a tablet taken orally). Let’s see what the various studies found:

  • FDA-cleared devices (like this one by Currentbody) are safe and effective for those with male/female pattern hair loss and who don’t respond well to standard treatments.1
  • Male patients with androgenetic alopecia saw significant improvement in hair density after using a LLLT hair growth device for 16 and 26 weeks compared to the placebo group.2,3
  • Males and females with pattern hair loss saw improvement in hair density, hair loss, and hair follicle thickness after 26 weeks of treatment.4

Promising? Yes. But many of these studies were done on men, and the sample sizes were rather small. On the plus side, all the studies confirmed that LED red light therapy is very safe to use and no side effects or irritations were recorded.

CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device insideCurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device inside
CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device led bulbsCurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device led bulbs

Currentbody also did their own study and found that the laser hair growth device:

  • Increased hair count by 33% in 16 weeks
  • Showed 126% more new hair growth over 16 weeks vs 26 weeks worth of drug treatment
  • Showed 61% more growth compared to other devices on the market.

Which all sounds very good, except that the study they linked to is for a REVIAN Red device that uses dual wavelength 620nm and 660nm, which doesn’t match up with the specs of the Currentbody device.

Overall I do think LLLT has its merits, especially if you’ve exhausted other topical or oral treatment options. But is it the end-all-be-all hair loss treatment? Read on for my experience.

How To Use The CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device

  1. Use any time of the day on dry, clean hair.
  2. Adjust the headphone placement and click the power button when ready to start treatment. 
  3. Once the device is on, you can pair it with your phone via bluetooth to listen to music or a podcast.
  4. Go about your usual business, and once the 10 minute timer is up, the device will automatically shut off.
  5. Repeat daily for best results.
CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device side viewCurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device side view

My Hair Growth Results: Before & After

For months now I’ve been experience more than normal hair fall. I’m talking huge clumps of hair coming out in the shower every time, and just hair all over my bathroom floor. Luckily the effects aren’t too noticeable unless I pull my hair back, yet.

I’ve ruled out thyroid problems and have tried topical growth serums and hair supplements (more on that below), but at best they’ve slightly decreased the loss. The thinning was still noticeable on the sides of my head, so I was more than ready to try something new.

CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device on its standCurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device on its stand

I found the device fits well and is super easy to use. For one, it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t impact my activities at all. And unlike hair serums, I didn’t have to worry about oily roots from daily use. Simply plop on, get a chuckle out of my husband when he sees me, and go on about my day.

For the first 2 months I really didn’t notice much new growth. However it did seem like the shower hair clumps were getting smaller each time. It’s a small win but I’ll take it!

Fast forward to the 4 month mark, I’m finally seeing results! The most noticeable is how my ponytail looks and feels thicker, but the sides also look less sparse.

CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device before and afterCurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device before and after

The one area that could use improvement would be the headphones. Occasionally they’ll slide when I put the device on, and then I’d have to remove it to adjust the positioning again. I also never used the Bluetooth feature, as I can hear the volume on my phone just fine even while wearing the device.

My other attempts to regrow hair

I’ve tried generic biotin and several specifically targeted towards hair loss/growth but none have really made an impact. I did see some great nail growth thought!

Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum
The most effective topical solution I’ve tried. I mainly use it on my sides where my hair is the most sparse and I start seeing baby hairs come in after about 1-2 months. However this didn’t do much to minimize hair loss, and I didn’t want to apply this all over my scalp for fear of weighing my roots down.

Rene Furterer Triphasic Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner
The duo work best together and I do notice less hair fall in the shower as a result. But without using a topical growth serum (either theirs or the Grow Gorgeous above), I don’t really notice any new growth in areas where I’m thinning. 

Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Shampoo + Conditioner
Similar to the above duo, this also helped minimize fall out when I showered. The biggest difference is that Rene Furterer seems to give my roots more volume, but it’s not as moisturizing as the Vegamour. Both are good options, but you definitely need their serum if you want to see fuller hair.

Final Verdict


  • Super easy, comfortable, and convenient to use.

  • Delivers results if you use consistently, and may be amplified if you pair it with other hair care products targeting hair loss.

  • One time cost to prevent future hair loss compared to other methods that require repeated purchases.


  • Very high upfront cost.

  • Results are not immediate and can take up to 4 months.

Scores & Summary

  • Design

  • Comfort

  • Ease of Use

  • Performance

  • Price

With any beauty devices, the key to results is consistency, and the key to consistency is ease and comfort of use. The CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device with their clinically proven technology is both convenient and comfortable to use, and I’m pleased with the improvements I’ve seen after 4 months. If you’re not seeing results with your hair growth serums or don’t want to keep spending money for underwhelming results, I highly recommend using a hair growth device instead. I’m definitely a fan now!

Article Sources

To keep my content accurate and trustworthy, I rely on peer-reviewed studies, articles from reputable academic institutions, and quotes from certified healthcare professionals to back my claims.

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