Checking In: Taylor Swift Week, Red Lip Drama and Work Things


On Sunday, Connor declared that it was going to be Taylor Swift week at our house, so we’ve been listening to Taylor Swift music all week long. My new favorite Taylor song is “Bejeweled.”

It’s one of those songs that took a while to grow on me. When I first heard it, I thought, “Eh, it’s okay,” but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it.

I also wore red lipstick every day to work as a homage to T-Swift! In the pic above I’m wearing MAC Retro Matte in Feels so Grand.

You know how sometimes when you put on red lipstick, one side looks a little wonky, so you try to correct it, and then next thing you know, the other side looks wonky, and you correct the other side, but then another part starts to look funny, and it goes on and on and on? That’s what happened here. Miraculously, it eventually worked out, and I made it to work on time.

Speaking of work, it’s been going great. I enjoy helping instructors and students, and every once in a while I get to flex my writing and editing skills.

The pace is very different compared to what I’m used to in marketing/creative in the private sector. People actually hang out, ya know, at the water cooler. It’s so wild to me, especially after years of solely interacting socially on Zoom. When you work online, there’s never really that time to just run into someone in the hallway or the break room and chat. It’s refreshing.

I do find, though, that even though I enjoy the social aspects of the job, that I need time to be by myself throughout the day. Occasionally I’ll go into my office and just retreat (I call it “hermit crabbing”) for a while so I can be alone.

Speaking of offices, I recently realized that there are things about shared office spaces that I haven’t had to think about in forever.

(TMI moment ahead, by the way.)

I used to eat whatever I wanted during lunch because it was just me and Rosie at home, but now that there’s other people in the mix — forget about it.

I realized that there are certain, ahem, gassy foods I now have to avoid at lunch if I’m going to be amongst other people. One cannot just eat lentil soup without suffering the consequences!

The other day I brought an eggroll in a bowl dish with tons of shredded cabbage, and it was so hard to, uh, keep things to myself, if you know what I mean.

Did I mention that I share an office with someone, and we have a window that can’t open? HA HA HA!

Anywho, overall work’s been fine. It’s such a big weight off my shoulders knowing that I have something steady that’s not going anywhere (knock on wood because you never know).

It’s allowed my mind to have lots more mental space to be creative.

Hope things are going well with you. Happy Friday!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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