8 sexy essentials you should always have in your nightstand


Picture this: Things are getting hot and heavy in the bedroom when you suddenly realize you’re missing an essential item for your sexual well-being. Nothing kills the mood more than having to stop what you’re doing to grab your favorite toy, lube, or condom, and it’s not always easy to come back from that buzzkill. Needless to say, now that the world is finally turning the spotlight on sexual wellness, it’s become abundantly clear that being in the right mood is important for getting into it and having your hottest favorites on board. In the spirit of caring for our girls, we’ve rounded up the eight sex products you should always have on your bedside table for fun, pleasure and comfort.

1. Lubricant

Not only do lubricants make sex a million times better, but they also reduce irritation, friction, and pain during sex overall. It can also be used in solo or partner play. The key to finding the right lubricant is to look for sex products with clean ingredients and consider how you use it. A water or silicone-based lubricant is best for vaginal or anal penetration as it will not destroy condoms and has a slick, lifelike consistency; However, only water-based lubricants can be used with silicone sex toys. Likewise, oil-based lubricants have a thicker consistency that is great for foreplay (and doubles as a massage oil for the vagina and body!), but unfortunately are not compatible with latex condoms.


Slip ‘n Slide with this natural and organic formula that creates a silky texture that resembles lifelike lubrication. It also doubles as a vaginal moisturizer and is toy and latex friendly.

Woo more game

Woo More Play’s Coconut Love Oil is arguably the best lubricant for oral sex. It smells like vanilla cupcakes and makes you taste like them too. It’s also non-sticky, won’t stain your sheets, and doubles as a massage oil to play with as you wish.


Give your bedside table the upgrade it deserves with this touchless oil dispenser that doubles as a decoration. This warmer precisely heats lubricating or massage oil for safe temperature play and has six built-in lighting options to help you create a beautiful atmosphere and create the atmosphere you want.


Whenever you’re looking to pull off an all-nighter, it’s important to have a formula that lasts as long as you do. The gentle, hypoallergenic and non-sticky formula not only stands up to this, but is also pH neutral and will not upset your delicate balance.


Get ready from the inside out with these vaginal and anal suppositories. The CBD in the formula promotes relaxation and increases blood circulation to get you fit and in the mood. Insert at least 15 minutes before play or after sex to relieve discomfort and soothe irritation.

2. Toys

Orgasms are a crucial part of self-care, but the last thing anyone feels like doing after settling into bed is getting up and checking for their mood. To combat this and keep orgasms within reach, keep your favorite sex toys in your bedside table. Not only will this make your life easier, but it will also promote healthy sexual well-being and entice you to indulge in pleasure on a regular basis – and that’s something we all need.

Playboy pleasure

Masturbating and exploring your body is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself and your sexual preferences. And this double dildo with a dazzling crystal surface can help you do just that. Use the curved shaft and tapered head to find and stimulate your G-spot, and the chunky beads for internal stimulation.

Plus one

Discreet enough to be tucked away in the corner of your bedside table, plusOne’s vibrating bullet is tiny but mighty. The 10 vibration settings provide plenty of impact and the body-friendly design and finger glove make it super easy to use for external stimulation.

We vibe

Rabbit vibrators are a must-have on any bedside table. Nova 2 upgrades the iconic rabbit design with seamless silicone and whisper-quiet vibration settings. Believe us when we tell you that dual stimulation has never looked so good.

Zero tolerance

Whether you are an anal play beginner or a seasoned veteran, this toy is something everyone can accept. It deflates when not in use, so you can easily put it in your drawer or store it away. In addition, it is fully customizable and can be increased to the desired extent once inserted with the vibration level you prefer, thanks to the included USB remote control. With an ergonomic handle for added safety, you can’t go wrong with this toy.

3. Cloths

Sex is often a messy affair, but having wet wipes on your nightstand will make cleanup a lot easier. Likewise, intimate wipes are a perfect remedy after sex; They cleanse and soothe any inflammation after sex and moisturize your most sensitive areas. Be sure to look for sex products like wipes that do not contain harmful ingredients that could upset your delicate balance in your most intimate places.

Woo more game

These hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, pH-balanced wipes are ideal for all vulva owners. Containing aloe vera extract, organic cranberry, vanilla water and coconut water, Freshies cleanses, soothes and moisturizes without harming your vagina.

Hello cake

Your intimate areas should be treated with care, and Hello Cake sex towels are 100 percent natural and hypoallergenic. They are also flushable and biodegradable.

Rock candy toy

While there’s no substitute for properly cleaning your sex toys with a foaming cleanser, these wipes make for quick and easy cleaning when you’re in a pinch. They are biodegradable and safe to use on any toy material, which is a big plus.

4. A sexy scent

Your sense of smell can be one of the best aphrodisiacs, which is why you should always have a sexy scent on hand. Whether you’re a lover of lotions or body oils, obsessed with perfume, or a fan of candles, stimulating your sense of smell will help you get in the mood. If you’re not sure what to choose, look for scents like vanilla, rose, and pumpkin.


Phlur’s spicy and intoxicating Vanilla Skin Body and Hair Mist will have you ready to pamper and pamper yourself.

YSE beauty

Apply this after giving yourself an all-over shower. You’ll shimmer all the way to space and feel like a golden goddess, which will boost your confidence in the bedroom.


For girls whose skin needs an extra boost of hydration, this moisturizer leaves it feeling soft, supple and sexy.

Smile maker

Light this candle before sex to enhance your most sensual moments, to stay grounded in your pleasure.

5. Silk accessories

Something about silk just feels so luxurious, and having luxe accessories on board will make you want to treat yourself even more. A silk eye mask can serve as a blindfold, while a silk hair tie, turban, or headband can protect your hair while sleeping and playing. Silk ties can also serve as bondage. So if you like to add sex products that act as accessories during play, be sure to keep some on your nightstand too.

Sleep and glow

A mask that won’t tear at your skin or cause premature aging and double as a blindfold for playing in the bedroom? Say less.

3 colors available

Etsy | SmokeEdgeStudio

Take bondage to the next level with this ultra-luxe satin tie restraint, complete with sexy metal ring handcuffs.

4 colors available


Thanks to this turban, messy hair after sex is a thing of the past as the mulberry silk protects your hair from any friction you would normally feel against the sheets.

2 colors available

6. Eroticism

If you want to have an orgasm but sex is the last thing on your mind, the ideal thing to do is turn to your favorite vise. No matter what your favorite item is – whether it’s porn, audio porn, erotic novels or music – having your trusty favorite item on your bedside table will be of great importance. This is also especially helpful for solo play or scheduled sex.

Joanna Angel

Join main character Taryn Joyner on a wild “exploration tour” and decide her sexual fate in this hot erotic novel.

flowering time

Place this chic speaker on your bedside table and set the mood with a sexy playlist.

2 colors available


Whether you’re watching or listening to porn, keep your personal time private with these Bluetooth earbuds that are so comfortable you can wear them without interrupting your game.

6 colors available

7. Lingerie

There’s no denying the power of a good outfit, and when it comes to the bedroom, statement lingerie is a surefire way to boost your confidence. No matter what type of underwear you prefer, storing lingerie on your nightstand will help you be your sexiest, hottest self.

Savage x Fenty

With a flattering design for every body, you’ll want to wear this bodysuit even after hours – whether alone or with a partner.

Flies over

This set of three satin thongs with sexy embroidery patterns will be your favorite for a sexy evening.

Victoria’s Secret

If you’re a girly girl through and through, this jacquard set will keep you comfortable while feeling like your sexiest self.

3 colors available

8. Protection

Just saying: Safe sex is the best kind of sex. Whether you want to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease transmission, having protection on hand is a no-brainer. Plus, there’s no shortage of condoms in the world, designed to encourage play, not hinder it.


The first sexual wellness product of their kind, these condoms are made from molecularly bonded graphene – a strong, thin and flexible material used in space exploration – and soft, vegan latex. The final result? Heightened sensations and a skin-on-skin feeling that encourages you to explore new territory in the bedroom.


Designed specifically for pleasure, these latex-free and non-spermicidal female condoms are perfect for anyone with a latex sensitivity. They can be inserted up to eight hours before sexual intercourse. In addition, they feature a soft and comfortable design that ensures heat transfer and sensitivity, increasing all-round pleasure.


These latex condoms have an ultra-thin, ribbed design that mimics a natural, unprotected feel to increase the sensations and sensitivity of everyone involved. The fact that they are also non-toxic and feature a reservoir tip for added safety is an added bonus, allowing you to be confident in what you are putting into your body (literally).

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