24 Obsession-Worthy Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings


On Wednesdays (and every day) we wear pink. From bubblegum to fuschia and cotton candy to pink lemonade, get ready for an ode to barbiecore pink perfection – sapphire edition.

Peruse sleek solitaires, covetable clusters, and all the unexpected never-been-seen-before pink engagement ring settings in between. From blinding pink brilliance to dreamy opalescence, forewarn your wallets my friends!

Whether you’re browsing for pink sapphire engagement rings or in the mood for treat-yourself pink sapphire rings, enter our pink sapphire dream. If you’re looking for a pink engagement ring but aren’t sure which stone to pick, sapphire is the most durable pink gemstone with a hardness of 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale, plus it has the widest range of tones and hues.

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