Zoom and Microsoft groups might want to copy this function from Google Meet to cut back battery life

Have you ever been to an important work meeting to find that your device is running out of juice – the horror! – and there is no charger at hand? Worse, have you ever been interrupted in the middle of an important video call because you missed the blinking red battery icon in the corner of your screen? If you’ve ever faced these dangers of working from home, Google Meet has some great news for you.

Google’s popular video conferencing service just rolled out a great new power saving feature that competitors like Zoom and Microsoft Teams may want to take a closer look at. The handy new addition to the Google Meet armory ensures that a device limits the number of resources used during a call.

Google Meet, known as economy mode, limits the processing power and data required to make a call. All of this affects the amount of batteries needed for a meeting. This helpful new tool was added to Google Meet in the latest round of features and improvements for the service for April.

In an online post, Google said of the feature: “Activate Meet Saver mode before a Meet video call to reduce data usage and save battery life. Saver mode limits CPU power so that your charging process Device takes longer. “

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Even if your device is running low on power, you won’t have to be late for a meeting because you’ve been looking for a charger or you’re on the go and worried about draining your 4G data, if you allow it, you can still go attend the meeting.

If you want to enable Meet Saver, you need to do the following …

• Open the Meet app

• Tap the menu button, which is the three vertical dots

• Go to the Settings section

• Activate the option Limit data usage

• Then just move on to your next video call

Meet Saver isn’t the only addition to rival Zoom and Microsoft Teams in April.

This month, Google Meet also has new Q&A and polling features for Android devices, as well as new Android security controls, and an option in iOS that allows moderators to end a meeting for all attendees.

Google regularly adds new features to Meet. January was the only month in 2021 that Mountain View didn’t release any new features and improvements for their Meet service.

Google Meet is available to anyone with a Google Account, which can be created for free. Some features may be limited to free accounts. However, due to the ongoing public health crisis, these restrictions have been lifted and focus on working and studying from home.

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