Zoë Kravitz advises Channing Tatum by no means to put on Crocs once more, historical past is rising

Image source: Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris / Albert L. Ortega

Like most large partnerships, that of Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum began with a confrontation over Crocs. The unexpected duo recently joined in Deadline about Zoë’s upcoming directorial debut, Pussy Island: a thriller about the unfortunate trip of a cocktail waitress to the private island of a seedy tech mogul, played by Tatum. (First of all, yes.) During the interview, however, Zoë and Channing shared a rather remarkable anecdote about their first meeting. (At least remarkable for me.)

“I just wanted to be a good friend, Chan.”

“If someone can just come out and tell me not to wear Crocs and be so adamant about it, she totally won me over and I will never wear Crocs again,” said Channing. “I just wanted to be a good friend, Chan,” put in Zoë. “Just to be clear, there are people out there who can do the Crocs thing. I just wasn’t sure you were one of them.” Channing added, “I feel cooler and their take on me and Crocs was legitimate. She had a good point. And scene.

While many stylish stars took off Crocs earlier, as Zoë suggested, the chunky comfort shoe is certainly not for everyone, and being a true friend sometimes means tough conversations like the ones that have just been so graciously recreated. And are you really not going to take the advice of style icon and national treasure Zoë F * cking Kravitz? Didn’t think so.

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