Zendaya honored fashion icons and popular culture 9 occasions on the pink carpet

Zendaya’s red carpet looks are anything but well researched. The star and her longtime stylist, visual architect Law Roach, have created countless phenomenal style moments, but in recent years the two have increasingly paid tribute to icons and pop culture elements. Take, for example, her contemporary homage to David Bowie at the 2016 Grammys or her Cher moment at the Oscars earlier this year. At the last BET Awards, Zendaya wore a vintage dress – from Law’s extensive archives – that looked very much like the number Beyoncé wore at the same awards ceremony in 2003.

It’s become a fun game for those at home as well: gathering all sorts of references and images that may have inspired their latest look. And again, Zendaya and Law have just as much fun pulling these references. When asked which of his clients is most interested in fashion history, Law said WWD 2017: “Mostly Zendaya, because we’ve been together for so long. We share so many references, my inspirations and references become your inspirations and references and vice versa. “

To see how fashion history is repeated and remade itself, scroll through the many different times Zendaya and Law made their references clear on the red carpet.

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