Your super-fast fiber broadband is now trying embarrassingly gradual as a brand new pace file is ready

The team at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology looped the next generation fiber optic cable through coiled fiber optic bundles that simulate a transmission distance of approximately 1,864 miles. No speed degradation was reported at all.

For comparison, Great Britain is 874 miles long. So this next generation cable could be used to connect a house in John o ‘Groats to a switch in Land’s End – and the resident could still expect 41,811,649 Mbps.

Just to put this speed in perspective. In optimal laboratory conditions, downloading a 220GB file – roughly the size of the PlayStation 5 version of the blockbuster hit Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – would take 0.005552 seconds.

In Japan, the technology will initially be used for data transfer purposes instead of downloading video games and streaming Netflix at home.

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