Your subsequent eBike will obtain necessary upgrades to make it smarter and last more

Bosch has just revealed features that will be available in the next generation of eBikes. The tech giant has announced its new eBike system, a platform that electric bike manufacturers will be able to use over the next year. Leading eBike manufacturers using Bosch parts include Cannondale, Canyon, Kona, Peugeot, Raleigh, and Trek.

And the 2022 eBikes from these manufacturers benefit from numerous upgrades.

One of the big upgrades Bosch will be introducing next year is the PowerTube 750 – which offers its largest battery to date.

The PowerTube 750 offers a 20 percent greater range than its predecessor, which means that next-generation eBikes will last longer and support you on further journeys.

This is powered by a new 4A charger that takes just six hours to fully charge a battery – or two hours for a half charge if you need a quick burst of juice.

All of this will work in conjunction with the Performance Line CX drive unit, which Bosch says will provide noticeable improvements in mountain biking.

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Bosch says: “The maximum torque of 85 Nm has a noticeable effect on your driving behavior when eMountain biking. The powerful motor enables fast acceleration after tight bends and obstacles with a low cadence and makes starting on the steepest mountain easier. For fast sprints, the motor supports you even with a high cadence. “

These new Bosch parts offer many improvements that users will notice the first time they pedal.

But eBike fans will not only discover increased performance.

The new eBike system also offers many smart upgrades for 2022 e-bikes.

One of the most noticeable additions will be an LED control called the Kiox 300.

This works together with the new eBike Flow app and offers fitness data that support you during training.

The small color display offers “optimal readability” by day or night and also receives new features and regular over-the-air updates.

Elsewhere, the Bosch parts program for 2022 will also include an LED remote control.

This control center helps to collect information quickly and to call up data such as the duration of your journey or the distance traveled.

The LED remote control can also help if you have difficulties.

If you come across a steep hill that you cannot climb, you can simply press the minus button to activate Walk Assist.

Bosch says about the new eBike parts: “The smart system from Bosch eBike Systems – consisting of eBike Flow app, control unit, display, battery and drive unit – ensures an individual eBike experience – high-quality eBike components with digital functions and thus lifts Your driving fun in everyday life and in your free time to the next level.

“Your eBike Flow app is the key component here. It opens up a fully networked eBike world for completely new riding options. You can expand your eBike with new functions and over-the-air updates, record your activities, adjust riding modes and keep an eye on all important information via the home screen. “

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