Your Sky Q TV field simply bought one other huge free improve … and that is not all

Sky Q users are getting a useful upgrade on their set-top box this week that includes new features designed to make more content easier to find. The new update mainly focuses on voice search, which can now be found on the new Sky remote control. Talking to TV stations to change channels or pause broadcasts has grown in popularity. Sky says that millions of requests are made through its voice search technology every year.

Now this option becomes even more useful as Sky offers the ability to switch between apps simply by chatting with your remote control. That said, you can jump from an episode of WandaVision on Disney + to a quick workout via Fiit without having to scroll through endless menus.

To try it out, all you have to do is say “Fiit” when you’re in Disney + and it will launch – without going back to the Sky Q house. It works with the entire suite of apps including Netflix, Prime, and BBC iPlayer.

Along with this change in apps, there are now more ways to record your favorite TV.

Just grab your remote, press the voice button and say “record” or “record” into your voice remote while watching live TV to make sure that you are recording the rest of the episode or movie you are watching.

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To make Sky Q even more accessible, there is now a special page for audio descriptive content. Say “Audio Described TV” to access hundreds of audio description shows and movies that you can record and watch later.

So that’s the update to Sky Q, but that’s not all from the company as the Sky Go service has also been restarted.

There are now a number of extras to this mobile service, including Sky Sports Recap, which allows you to see the best of live Premier League and EFL games when you walk in halfway through the game.

It’s already available on iOS devices by pressing “Recap” on the screen, with Sky confirming it will soon be available on Android and desktop devices.

Sky also introduced ad skip in Go so you don’t have to go through endless sponsored messages before watching a show.

More people can now watch TV at home as Sky increases the number of devices that can stream at the same time.

And for the first time, anyone can now download their favorite TV to a device to watch without an internet connection. This useful function was previously only available to Sky Go Extra and Sky Q Multiscreen subscribers.

Commenting on the changes, Fraser Stirling, Sky Group Chief Product Officer, said: “The latest enhancements to Sky Q’s voice control make it easier to quickly switch between your favorite apps and channels, and with Sky Sports Recap on Sky Go, sports fans can, like me, never again will have to worry about missing out on any of the action. We’re still making it easier to enjoy the entertainment that matters to you. “

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