Your Sky Q-Field has an thrilling hidden trick to attempt, however it solely works in the present day


Sky offers festive treats for anyone who has a Sky Q box or a new Sky Glass TV installed in their homes. Only today can customers use a nifty trick to watch Santa on their television.

To see where he is right now – and how long it will take to slide down the chimney – just grab the Sky remote, press the voice search button, and say, “Where’s Santa Claus?” Or “Where’s Santa Claus.” ? “

A little taste of his route will then magically appear on the big screen and an exact location will be shown, leaving enough time to prepare the mince pies and brandy for his arrival. This is the second year in a row that Sky has joined the Santa tracking revolution, with the company first unveiling this Christmas upgrade last December.

If you’re using a remote without voice search, you can find the Santa Claus tracker in the Apps section of the Sky menu.

Aside from this way of chasing Santa, there is another festive thing to try at Sky Q and Sky Glass where customers can check out if they have been naughty and nice this year.

To get a special message from Santa, just say, “Santa, was I nice?” or “Santa, was I naughty?” into your Sky TV remote control and Santa Claus will reveal everything. Let’s hope you were nice, otherwise there won’t be any presents under the tree.

After all, Sky has a variety of festive jokes to keep everyone entertained over the holidays.

Just grab the remote and say “Santa, tell me a joke” to hear some classic Christmas crackers.

Of course, these aren’t the only tricks you can do by sending commands into your Sky remote.

With this channel changer you can now search for a specific show, actor, film or sporting event. For example, say “Game of Thrones” or “Show films with Tom Cruise”.

If you want to change the channel quickly, just say its name like “Go to Sky Max” or “Go to BBC1”.

Play, pause, rewind and fast forward are also available via voice control and you can even jump at a specific time – just say “skip twenty minutes”.

Favorite apps like Spotify and Disney + can also start, and you can change accessibility settings by saying “turn on subtitles”.

Talking to TV stations to change channels or pause broadcasts has grown in popularity. Sky says that millions of requests are made through its voice search technology every year.

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