Your iPhone simply received a giant free replace, and right here is all that’s new iOS 15.1

Apple just announced that iOS 15.1 will be released on iPhones around the world. This update comes packed with lots of goodies including the long awaited SharePlay option.

This feature was first announced in June during Apple’s WWDC developer conference, which allows anyone to share their music or videos with friends and family in one FaceTime call. Playback is synced across all devices so friends on any iPhone or iPad can add new songs to a queue or skip a bad choice. Disney +, TikTok, and a number of other streaming apps have already committed to implementing the feature.

You can also share what is happening on your screen.

In addition to the final official release of SharePlay, iOS 15 also includes some camera upgrades for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, with these devices having the ability to record videos in ProRes format.

This upgrade is great for all budding Speibergs out there as ProRes offers an advanced video codec that is widely used as the final delivery format for commercials, movies, and broadcasts to provide higher color fidelity and less compression.

Apple boasts that the iPhone 13 Pro is the only smartphone in the world that offers an end-to-end workflow – record, edit and share in Dolby Vision or ProRes.

Another change to the 13 Pro models in iOS 15.1 is the ability to toggle the new macro mode on or off. Right now, the iPhone will automatically change when you get close to a subject when using the three-lens camera, but that will change when users can fully manually control this feature.

One final feature worth mentioning is that iOS 15 allows you to securely save verifiable versions of your COVID-19 test results and vaccination logs in the Health app on your iPhone or iPod touch.

According to Apple, test results or vaccination logs downloaded in this reviewable format are digitally signed by a vaccine or test results provider. This is comparable to putting an official seal on paper documents.

If that sounds exciting then expect iOS 15.1 to arrive on your device now.

To download and install iOS 15.1, just go to Settings> General> Software Update.

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