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Ring maintenance tips

Take into account and communicate your expectations for wear and care

Are you someone who loves to sleep in your ring? Are you a cook and will you wear it to work every day? Or do you work in an office and take your ring off every night?

Let your jeweler know a little about your lifestyle so we can adapt your ring design to your everyday life.

Handle with care

Tines can catch or warp on the fabric from a hard impact. Hence, it is important that you treat your new treasure with care. At first, don’t sleep in your ring – you won’t know what your hands are doing as you throw and twist, and prongs can easily get caught in your hair or on loose threads. Also, leave your ring at home for heavy training and abrasive activities like rock climbing.

Clean your rings

Tines can weaken over time as dirt and grime build up underneath. To keep your rings shiny and safe, clean them at home every few weeks and send them off for a professional clean every 6-12 months.

To clean your rings between professional cleanings:

  • Fill a mug with warm water and a few drops of dish soap.
  • Let the ring soak in the mixture for a few minutes.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the stone, setting, and band.
  • Make sure you clean under the stone! This is where most of the dirt collects, and dirt under the stone can make it look cloudy and dull from above.
  • Rinse the ring under warm water. Make sure you cover the drain!
  • Pat the ring dry or use your blow dryer in a cool environment to remove water marks.

Read our blog about Ring Care for more information on cleaning and care!

How to look for loose tines

Hold your ring to your ear and gently shake it. If you hear a baby rattle sound, your stone is likely loose. Call your jeweler and they can tighten it for you.

Most of the damage can be completely repaired

While we always want to protect from harm, it happens sometimes. Don’t worry, warped or damaged tines can easily be repaired or rebuilt by a skilled jeweler.

Invest in jewelry insurance!

The insurance is usually only a small monthly fee and covers loss, damage or theft – it’s worth it! Ask your homeowner or tenant if you can add jewelry cover or contact specialist companies such as Jewelers Mutual or Lavalier.

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