Your Apple MacBook is about to look very uninteresting, a brightly coloured new leak suggests it

The MacBook Air, released late last year, blew us away … it had nothing to do with design. The model, which hit shelves around the world in the final months of 2020, was the first to feature Apple’s specially designed M1 processor.

This system-on-a-chip made the MacBook Air two to three times as fast as its predecessor, while also extending battery life. It was seriously impressive. Unsurprisingly, the same bespoke M1 can now be found in the latest MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac. However, if there’s one area that the latest MacBook Air model has fallen into … it was design.

While performance and battery life enjoyed a huge boost, the design was left unchanged.

That was a little overwhelming. However, it seems that Apple recognized the flaw of its kind. The Californian company is believed to be working on an entirely new design for the slimmest laptop in its range.

YouTube superstar Jon Prosser, who hosts the FrontPageTech show and has a fairly reliable track record of leaks, has given an unofficial glimpse into what he thinks is an upcoming redesign. The first thing you will notice about the images, which are high resolution renderings made based on the information Prosser has collected, is the colors.

Following in the footsteps of the recently redesigned iMac, Apple is said to be adding some color to the MacBook Air lineup. In the images shared by Prosser, there are blue, peach-colored, silver, purple, yellow, green and orange-colored surfaces available. In addition to seven bright colors, the keyboard seems to switch from black to white.

Just like the white borders around the screen of the iMac in the new look, Apple wants to equip its colorful new laptops with a white keyboard. That will certainly split opinions, but it should give the models already on the shelves a completely different look. If you’re concerned that people won’t know you have the latest model, the glare from your bright white keyboard should be enough.

Next, the images shared by Jon Prosser reveal that Apple plans to abandon the brand’s signature wedge-shaped design. Instead of the conical appearance, the base of the laptop remains the same thickness throughout.

In order for the MacBook Air to remain the thinnest, this base has to be pretty thin. As it stands, the thickest part of the wedge design on the MacBook Air (1.61 cm / 0.63 “) is chunkier than the MacBook Pro (1.56 cm / 0.61”), which remains the same thickness throughout.

Finally, on the new MacBook Air, a MagSafe-style charging port could return to the laptop. For those who don’t remember, MagSafe was once a staple of Apple laptops, but is now only found on competing devices like Microsoft’s Surface Laptop and Surface Pro line of products. As the name suggests, MagSafe used magnets to keep the charger connected to the laptop. This allowed the cord to be pulled away from the laptop without dragging your shiny new £ 1,000 device to the floor.

Given how easy it can be to stumble upon a charging cable in a crowded office or airport, this feature has saved a dizzying number of Mac owners from the heartache. However, Apple has discontinued the feature in favor of USB-C. Why? Well, USB-C is more versatile and can be used for charging, video out, audio out, data transfer, and more.

It’s unclear whether the shiny new design also comes with a new, more powerful, and more efficient chipset from Apple. As the M1 nears its first anniversary and a new iPhone arrives in September with presumably a new processor under the hood … could we see another speed boost from Apple soon?

Cross your fingers, we won’t have to wait long to find out. will have the latest rumors as soon as we hear anything so stay tuned.

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