You should purchase Apple’s new AirTags at present, however concentrate on further prices

Apple’s AirTags were rumored for almost a year when fans finally got their first look at these property tracking devices during the company’s “Spring Loaded” event earlier this week. If you missed the big announcement, the concept behind the AirTags is very simple. These round devices can be clipped to your wallet, purse or keys and show where they are on a map in case you should misplace them.

A small speaker inside can set off an alarm, and you can even see some specific instructions on your iPhone to point you in the exact direction of the AirTag. This works when you are in close proximity to the device. Arrows guide you to the location and the remaining distance shows how far you have to go.

Now you might be wondering what happens if you leave your keys on the train or in the pub and are out of the Bluetooth range of your little hockey puck-like tracker.

Apple thought of this common problem with its brand new AirTags which can now be set to “Lost Mode”. This unlocks the staggering number of Apple brand smartphones in pockets around the world. Any iPhone close enough to connect to the Bluetooth beacon broadcast by your lost AirTag will help pinpoint its location. This ensures that the point on the map in your Find My app is almost always up to date.

All of this is encrypted so you can’t track people’s location with an AirTag on their keys, or find out the name of their Apple ID account from a misplaced camera bag, for example.

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If someone finds a lost AirTag, they can even tap it on their iPhone or NFC-enabled device (including Android phones!) And be redirected to a website that shows the affected owner’s contact details, if they provided one Number or address.

Other features include a water-repellent design and a replaceable battery, which should mean the AirTag will last quite a long time.

They can be pre-ordered today. Prices start at £ 29.99 for one or £ 99.99 for a four-pack. That sounds pretty reasonable, but there is something to consider before tapping the buy button.

This is because the small disc-shaped device has no way of attaching it to your items. Unlike the popular tile trackers, there is no hole or chain to attach to your key ring or bag.

Anyone who wants to attach it to their belongings will have to spend extra on an accessory … and they aren’t exactly cheap. A leather keyring holder will set you back at least £ 35, with prices going up to £ 299 for the posh Hermes version.

A leather luggage strap costs £ 39 and the AirTag Loop will bring you back £ 29.

Some third-party companies like Belkin make cheaper options, but these will still bring you back at least £ 11.95.

If you buy an AirTag and it prevents your keys from being lost in the back of a seat at your local movie theater, or if you can locate a lost backpack in seconds, these extras are worth every penny. It should be noted, however, that purchasing a pack of four and an accessory for each piece can leave you with a pretty heavy bill.

Introducing these trackers, Kaiann Drance, Apple vice president of iPhone worldwide product marketing, said, “We’re excited to bring this incredible new feature to iPhone users with the launch of AirTag to take advantage of the vast Find My network and help them to keep track of and find the important things in their life. With its design, unparalleled search experience, and built-in privacy and security features, AirTag offers customers yet another opportunity to harness the power of the Apple ecosystem and enhance the versatility of the iPhone. “

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