You do not know Lou Llobell but, however you will note her all over the place

Suddenly it may seem, Llobell, a Zimbabwean Spanish actress based in London, actually had a while to get used to the view. As with so many productions in TV and film, Foundation, endowment took longer due to COVID-19. In addition, the road to securing her position as Gaal was long and arduous: “I had three auditions. I had the first one with the casting director. The second was a recall with David Goyer and Rupert Sanders who directed the first episode. And then we had a five-day week of testing. It was five days of auditions every day – me and five other girls took part in my role. It was pretty intense, but it was really wonderful to see because we’re all young black actresses who I don’t think you see or see very often. As intense as it was, it was nice to be among all these women, ”says Llobell. The process took around two years from start to finish, which is more than enough time to wait and brood. “As much as I’m obviously not prepared for what’s coming, I think I’m ready for everyone to see. Hopefully there has been positive feedback, ”she adds.

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