You can recover from £ 700 from Amazon for getting questionable items

In a blog post today, Amazon said it is increasing the protection of its A-to-Z Guarantee.

The company said, “Now, in the unlikely event of a defective product, they are selling Causes property damage or personal injury, Amazon pays customers directly for claims under $ 1,000 – which is more than 80% of the cases – at no cost to the seller and can step in to settle higher amounts if the seller does not respond or declines one Assertion that we consider valid. “

It added, “We’re excited that these innovations are creating a more trustworthy shopping and selling experience for customers and sellers in our store… Amazon goes way beyond our legal obligations and what any other marketplace service provider is doing today to help customers protect.”

Starting September 1, you can make a claim by contacting Amazon Customer Service. They will investigate and initiate payment if the seller does not respond. If it works as smoothly as the company has described it will be a huge step forward in building confidence in the platform.

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