You actually should not be shopping for an Apple Watch this weekend

Anyone who has thought about treating themselves to a new Apple Watch should perhaps hold back a little. There’s nothing wrong with the current line of Apple Watch on store shelves, including the flagship Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, but there could be something better very soon.

Apple has already sent out invitations to its annual September launch event, which will take place on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. The Californian company is expected to introduce the successor to its iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro series, as well as an all-new Apple Watch.

In previous years, the latest generation of the Apple Watch only replaced the previous entry in the line-up. When the Apple Watch Series 6 hit the market, Apple took the Series 5 off shelves around the world. Better still, the Apple Watch Series 6 started at £ 379 for the entry-level model compared to £ 399 for the Series 5 the year before. Of course, there is no guarantee that with the launch of the next iteration, allegedly dubbed the Series 7, Apple will cut prices again when it arrives.

However, if you’re spending anywhere between £ 300-400 on a new smartwatch, make sure you get the latest and greatest from Apple.

And all the latest rumors suggest that the Apple Watch Series 7 is something very special.

Rumors suggest that Apple will introduce a completely new design – the first major reinterpretation of the Apple Watch form factor since its debut in April 2015. As with the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 series, Apple is apparently going flat with the new Apple Watch Use pages. This gives the wearable a more square look.

In conjunction with the new case design, Apple is taking the opportunity to shrink the edges around the screen and press a larger display onto your wrist. This should make reading text messages, tracking vital signs while exercising, and skipping songs a lot easier. The last time Apple enlarged the touchscreen on the Apple Watch, it was able to launch a number of new watch face designs with more complications to take advantage of the extra space. We would expect the same treatment this time as well.

As we saw with the brand new iMac that emerged from Apple’s R&D labs, it seems that the colors are back. After years of subdued aluminum finishes, Apple is turning to color. The Apple Watch Series 7 is widely used to land with pastel shades of green, baby blue, and red.

According to sources, ultra-broadband support for connecting to the FindMy network is also supported. This means that you can track a misplaced Apple Watch Series 7 like the AirTags – with an accurate countdown in meters and centimeters as you approach the lost device. Larger speakers should also make hands-free calling and Siri more useful on the new models.

The mechanism for switching between bands is believed to be the same as in previous models. While there will undoubtedly be new strap colors and designs at launch, we would be very surprised if the new case design wasn’t compatible with your existing collection of sports, loop, and leather straps. will be in the (virtual) audience at the Apple event next week. So stay tuned for the latest revelations from CEO Tim Cook and Co.

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