Worrying warning to all WhatsApp customers – it is advisable delete this message now!


With over two billion users worldwide, it’s not difficult to understand why cyber criminals target WhatsApp. The popular chat app has become a breeding ground for scams, with most of the fake messages promising cash rewards for taking surveys or containing malicious links that direct users to untrustworthy websites. However, since most people are aware of these types of threats, crooks change their tactics and it is easy to see why some users are being fooled once again.

Now, instead of simply sending a message with a fake link or a promise of a cash prize, scammers are trying to steal money by making things much, much more personal.

As the always-trusted team at WABetainfo have found, who keep a close eye on everything that happens on WhatsApp, it seems that criminals are currently sending out chats aimed at building relationships with users.

The chat often begins with a simple message that says, “Sorry, who are you? I found you in my address book.”

If they get an answer, the crook then tries to win the trust of the WhatsApp user and slowly extract more and more personal data that could possibly blackmail the victim.

To find out more, the WABetainfo team decided to play with the scammers to see what personal data they wanted to gain.

After chatting for a long time, the thieves asked to be added as a friend on personal accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. When granted, they will have access to the person’s full list of friends and close contacts.

It is believed that scammers then use this to blackmail the victim by threatening to send compromising photos they may have got their hands on or simply creating fake images using software like Photoshop.

It’s unclear how many users were attacked in this latest scam, but the Express.co.uk team recently received a very similar type of chat.

Our message was, “Hello, I don’t seem to know you, but I don’t know why you’re on my friends list, which is very strange.”

When we didn’t answer another message was sent which was added: “Your number is from England, are you British?”

If you receive WhatsApp chats from people you don’t know, it is advisable not to reply and to delete the chat immediately.

This latest scam comes after users were also warned to keep an eye out for messages allegedly from relatives in trouble.

This threat has already cost WhatsApp users thousands of pounds, with one person paying around £ 3,000 to scammers after they were led to believe they received a message from their son asking for help. The newly widespread WhatsApp messages begin either with “Hello Mom” or “Hello Dad” before they indicate that money urgently needs to be transferred.

The scammers say they are texting from a different number because their phone has been lost and asking for money either to get a new phone or allegedly to pay a bill urgently.

This new threat has been highlighted by Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber reporting center. Reports of this scam were reported to fraud experts between August and October, which cost victims a total of £ 48,356.

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