Worker favorites: which rings will we love?


What role do you play in the Gem Breakfast?

I am helping Catherine with her newsletter design and my partner and I are helping with website development – improving the design and functionality of the website. I just started working with GB about a month ago and I love it.

How did you find GB?

I found it through another customer of mine. I immediately loved the company that is so important to me – I have to connect with the brand to do my best job. I’m head over heels for everything Catherine does.

Tell us something about yourself!

I live with my husband in Lisbon, Portugal, in the countryside near the beach. We like to take long walks and enjoy the summer outdoors. We cook a lot and love to decorate and beautify the house with DIY projects – we recently made our own chandelier and it turned out to be great!

I’m a girl, I love everything that glitters and I’m really happy to spend my time with brands that I’m really related to.

How did you start loving jewelry?

My grandfather repaired watches and rings, so I used to play with jewelry as a kid. Because I was surrounded by jewelry, it became a matter of course for me and I only got crazy about gold or gemstones later in life.

As I became more interested in fashion, my interest in jewelry came to life. And when I found Gem Breakfast and saw the super unique designs without a cookie cutter, I fell in love. I love how you can see that every piece is handcrafted – as a manufacturer, I really appreciate this unique craftsmanship.

What’s your jewelry style? What do you wear every day

I like boho things – almost beachy vibes. On my wedding day I was barefoot with simple foot jewelry. My style is very natural and casual, things that can be worn on the beach, with pieces of linen that are light and delicate. Because of this, I love stacking rings.

Most days, I wear my wedding ring, engagement ring (it’s silver and looks handcrafted with a turquoise stone) and simple hoop earrings. For earrings I wear simple hoop earrings. When I go out I add more bracelets – but I keep everything really simple and easy.


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