Woman Gaga seems to be like she is leaving the fitness center till you see her eight inch platform boots

Despite the recent return from the distant planet Chromatica, Lady Gaga continues to remind us that she is the most fashionable alien living on this earth. That Gucci’s house multihyphenate was spotted wearing a Marc Jacobs set and a casual pair of 20-inch pleasure platforms on Wednesday August 4th.

Although the baby blue Marc Jacobs sports set that Gaga wears is adorable and we dearly want one, it feels almost unnatural to see her in such a tame outfit. Then of course we see her white patent leather pleaser heels with a breakneck 20-inch platform heel, and the world is all right again. Gaga is a huge fan of Pleaser’s iconic shoes and the singer’s collection of sky-high platform shoes has been growing ever since Art pop Fashion era in the 2010s.

Take a closer look at Lady Gaga’s outfit and learn where to buy the exact pieces.

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