With the Amazon Echo replace, Alexa can management your private home with out you having to ask

Amazon’s Echo is already pretty smart, allowing users to turn on the lights, turn up the heating, and send their favorite playlists to the smart speaker in a few words. But now it gets even smarter when Amazon rolls out an upgrade to a feature called “hunches”.

“Hunches”, which is currently available to US users, is intended to enable your Amazon Echo to learn your habits and anticipate what you will be doing – before you even open your mouth to start the voice command “Alexa …”. Alexa will gradually learn your routine over time before asking if she correctly anticipated your next step.

The AI-powered assistant could “suspect” that the heating should be switched off around the time you go to bed, or that the lights should be switched on after the Amazon Echo alarm function has woken you up.

Up until now, Alexa needed permission before doing anything, but that will soon change as the talkative assistant now takes matters into her own hands and carries out these “hunches” without checking beforehand.

This new update ends with you having to speak to Alexa. It should also mean that you never leave the lights on and the heater accidentally stays on all night. As Amazon explains on its support page, “Put Alexa on hunch. If you’ve left a smart device on, Alexa can turn it off for you automatically.”


• Open the Alexa app.

• Open More and select Settings.

• Scroll down and select Hints.

• Select Set up automatic actions.

• Select the notifications you want Alexa to respond to. For example, let Alexa turn off the lights when you sleep or turn on the thermostat when you are away.

For this feature to work properly, you need a home with compatible smart devices and gadgets, such as Philips Hue bulbs or Hive thermostats. However, it can be useful for anyone who is a little forgetful. It’s been another busy month for the Echo as the owners recently received another update revealing surprising facts about the brand new Guinness World Record ability.

Once the ability is activated, Echo owners just have to ask, “Alexa, what’s the recording of the day?” to hear one of hundreds of notable achievements by the World Record Achievement Authority.

“We are very pleased that Alexa can now share information from the exciting world of the Guinness World Records and share fun facts with customers every day. As these world record breakers show, there is amazing performance for customers to discover, ”said Dennis Stansbury, Country Manager Alexa UK & Ireland.

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