With Microsoft Groups, now you can preserve working – even when your web goes down at dwelling

Microsoft Teams just received another major update with new features to the communication and collaboration tool at work that grew in popularity following the pandemic that left millions of people working from home indefinitely. In a blog post about the update, Microsoft announced a number of new features that will be available this month. One of the most noticeable new features is an offline experience for Microsoft teams.

As the name suggests, the offline tool is designed to help team users work even if their internet connection goes down. Team users can now queue messages to be sent when their WiFi is back up.

So when you’re sending feedback to a colleague, you don’t have to interrupt your train of thought, you can list all the changes you want – even without an internet connection. As soon as your WiFi is reactivated, these will be sent in the order in which you planned them.

It should also mean that you don’t forget to send something into the stress and confusion of a WiFi router breaking down in your house (always a difficult situation with a few people working and studying from home over the same connection) .

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The other big change for Microsoft Teams with the latest update is the new Approval Hub. With the Approval app in Microsoft Teams, users can request, view, and manage approvals in one convenient, easily accessible place.

Approvers can sign out of a request in a Microsoft Teams chat so that the people who make a request get a quick response. A variety of approval requests can be made, such as: B. the request to an employee to give a customer a discount, to request an expense report or to make a request for a break.

Another helpful new tool Microsoft Teams users can take advantage of this month is the shared calendar feature. This allows team users to create and share a calendar for a specific channel. Whenever a new channel meeting is created, teams create a new post in the activity feed. If users have disabled notifications on that channel, they must visit the channel’s calendar to view the event information.

Channel events can also be added to a user’s personal calendar. This function is available to all members of the channel. Microsoft Teams is also adding new settings for moderating meeting chat.

Organizers and teachers can now choose from three different settings to create safe environments for users. Chats can be completely disabled if administrators want to prevent users from using a chat entirely.

Or they can set up a “only during the meeting” chat if they want to limit the conversation. The standard chat is simply “activated” so that meeting participants can chat in it at any time.

And finally, Microsoft Teams lets administrators create organization-wide teams with up to 10,000 members this month. That’s a lot of people

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