Why your Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 will look massively inferior this week

If you own an older Galaxy S10 or just bought a shiny new Galaxy S20, avoid the news this week. Unlike previous years when Samsung left it until February or March to unveil its next flagship, 2021 seems to be very different. Last week, the Korean company announced that it will hold one of its famous Unpacked events on January 14th, which means there are only a few days left before we see what Samsung has in store for its range of smartphones.

“Find out more about the new experiences that will make your everyday life epic with Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021, which will air on Samsung.com on January 14, 2021,” the company said in a blog post.

While there’s no official confirmation that the event will showcase the new Galaxy S21, Samsung also teased a picture of the triple rear-view camera system in its invitation to the event on Thursday.

This is in line with many of the rumors about this new device, which has a camera hump that is believed to sit in a panel that then curves around the sides of the phone. This makes it look more attractive than last year’s bulbous S20.

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All the details will be clearly disclosed in a few days, but there has already been a lot of speculation about what will be seen on the S21 and it seems certain that it will surpass the aging S10 and the current S20.

First, we can expect all of the usual upgrades, like a faster processor, longer battery life, and improved camera specs.

There are also rumors that the highest quality S21 Ultra will support the S Pen stylus and have a more impressive 120Hz display.

A streamlined design with more color options could also be featured and await further updates to the latest 5G technology for quick downloads.

While there are clearly a lot of things to look forward to, this could also be the first Galaxy device to remove the plug and headphones from the box. Rumor has it that Samsung is following Apple by removing these accessories to reduce electronic waste and make packaging more compact.

We also expect the S21 to have no expandable storage, which means fans will no longer be able to recharge the storage once they’ve purchased the device. As highlighted by 9to5Google, the latest Galaxy S21 leaks don’t mention the S21 range, which comes with a microSD slot.

In less than a week to the big reveal, it won’t be long before we find out exactly what Samsung has in store.

Express.co.uk will have the latest rumors before it launches. So stay tuned for the latest on the Samsung Galaxy S20 range before the official release.

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