Why ladies ought to carry weights

Customers tell me regularly that they are afraid of weight training because they are afraid of becoming “bulky”. In combination with cardio and the right diet, strength training becomes NOT make yourself bulky.

Fit, firm and clay is not bulky. In fact, if your body composition changes, you will most likely lose a few sizes. Where is the crowd? It’s definitely not in the leaner waistline, tighter bum and things, or those toned arms.

Here are six fantastic benefits of strength training:

1. Weight training makes you stronger. And when is strength ever a bad thing? Whether it benefits your girlfriend when you help her move or impresses the hot guy at work when you arm wrestle with him, there is just no disadvantage to being strong.

2. Building muscle gives you shape. The best part is that you can place this shape exactly where you want it! You can make yourself more symmetrical (which is a sign of beauty in all cultures), align your upper body with your lower body, and create the illusion of a smaller waistline if you don’t already have one. Building a beautiful body is a decision made in the gym.

3. Weight training supports the spine. When you experience pain in new places, you may lack core strength and postural support. Strengthening these muscles can relieve this pain.

4. Standing tall with better posture can make you look slimmer instantly. If you have it, be sure to flaunt it. Chest up, breasts out, stand up. As you build muscle, you can stand up straighter and look more confident.

5. Strength training makes you a badass! Trust is sexy. And going to the weight shelf and grabbing 25-pound dumbbells is impressive. The best part? You don’t care who is watching because you’ve officially stunned every guy in the free weight section.

6. Muscle helps in burning fat and increases metabolism. Your body burns more calories and maintains muscles even at rest. While this isn’t a permit to eat whatever you want, it allows you to take control of your body.

Weight training as a girl has no disadvantage. As for the “bulky” myth … we neither make enough testosterone nor eat enough to become bulky with muscles. As I tell my clients: “Weight training doesn’t make you bulky, cupcakes make you bulky …”

Girls, if you want to feel energized, confident, stronger, and more alive … weight training is for you. What about fitting into your favorite outfit from last year or the year before? Strength training. Do you want to tone that bum, slim your waist, or get those sexy, shapely legs back? You guessed it, weight training.

The bottom line is, weight training, along with good eating habits and cardio, should be a part of every girl’s workout!

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