Why is octyldodecanol used?

What is Octyldodecanol?

Octyldodecanol is a skin care and cosmetic ingredient that is used to improve the texture of products. It is widely used in moisturizers and lip products because of its emollient and lubricating properties.

Octyldodecanol is a long-chain fatty alcohol. Octyldodecanol does not dry out on the skin, but it does not dry out on the skin and helps to retain moisture. Octyldodecanol is a clear, colorless liquid and is widely used in products such as cleansers, eye makeup, foundations, conditioners, moisturizers, and lip balms.

To get a little tech, Octyldodecanol is one branched chain fatty acid. It has a higher molecular weight than other non-volatile alcohols so it does not penetrate the skin easily. This makes it a great barrier ingredient. It is made from natural fats and oils through the process of reducing the fatty acid to an alcohol.

the breakdown


the good: Helps to improve the texture of formulations. It can also help protect the skin from moisture loss.

not that good: Octyldodecanol is considered too large to penetrate the skin and therefore poses only a minor health risk.

For whom is that? All skin types except those identified as having an allergy.

Synergetic ingredients: Works well with most ingredients.

Keep an eye on: There is nothing to observe here.

Why is octyldodecanol used?

Octyldodecanol is mainly used to improve the texture of formulations. It helps in the formation of emulsions and prevents the oil and water based ingredients from separating. Ocyldodecanol also acts as a lubricant, improving the appearance of the skin and giving it a soft, smooth appearance.

The other small benefit of octyldodecanol is that it prevents the ingredients of a formulation from foaming when shaken. This improves the stability of the product during transport and use.

Is Octyldodecanol Safe?

The safety of octyldodecanol has been approved by the Expert panel for the review of cosmetic ingredients, a group responsible for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of skin care and cosmetic ingredients. In their assessment, the panel of experts found that octyldodecanol can be used safely in its current indications and concentrations. This finding was reviewed in 2004 and confirmed again.

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