Why I really like colourful trench coats for spring

I love trench coats all year round. They are a classic piece that will never go out of style. I wore the same black Burberry trench coat for over ten years and I still love it today as I did the day I invested in it. But for spring, I’m reaching for more colorful alternatives. A colorful trench coat immediately adds a playful luxury factor to any outfit, from dresses to jeans. Unfortunately my pink coat is a few years old and therefore sold out. But there are a few sizes left in my green coat (it’s also available in a shorter trench coat version). And I’ve rounded up some colors below.

Shop colorful trench coats

For a more casual vibe, I paired my green trench coat with a crop top sweater and high-waisted jeans. I’ve been very interested in the loafers trend lately and I love that these white heels are a mix of loafers and pumps. They look like a slipper, but they add height. And thanks to the block heel, they’re super comfortable too!

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