Why a floral maxi costume is a should

If you search for floral maxi dresses on my blog, it will bring up endless posts. Why? Because every year, when it gets warm, I take off my floral maxi dresses and usually add a new one to my collection. My last addition? This blue and white floral maxi dress.

The reason floral maxi dresses are a must have for me is because you can wear them for so many different occasions. While it was still cool, I paired the dress with a faux leather jacket and boots. Last weekend I wore the Santa Ynez wine tasting in a denim jacket. And if the weather stays warm, I’ll wear it alone with sandals to next weekend’s brunch. You can even embellish a floral maxi with eye-catching earrings and wear it to a beach or garden wedding.

Plus, maxi dresses are just so comfortable! I love that my waist has a drawstring, which came in handy for the cheese platter that came with our tasting. For me this only hits the ground, so I wear it with small block sandals. But I have other maxi dresses that are longer, and I use a leg-lengthening wedge underneath to look a lot bigger than my 5’3 frame. Here are some more versatile floral maxi dresses I checked out …

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